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Full list of 2022 Publications

2022 Publications to date

Acharya, U., Lal, R., & Chandra, R. 2022. Data driven approach on in-situ soil carbon measurement. Carbon Management, 13(1), 401–419., 323pp

Adams, B. T., and Matthews, S. N. 2022. Feature-dependent group structures and hierarchical songbird-habitat relationships in a managed forest landscape. Ecological Indicators, 136, 108717.

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Camila H. Alvarez, Anna Calasanti, Clare Rosenfeld Evans, Kerry Ard, Intersectional inequalities in industrial air toxics exposure in the United States, Health & Place, Volume 77, 2022, 102886, ISSN 1353-8292,

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Ard, Kerry and Kevin Smiley. (2022). Examining the Relationship Between Racialized Poverty Segregation and Hazardous Industrial Facilities in the US Over Time. American Behavioral Scientist.

Arrueta, L., D. Jackson-Smith and M. Kalcic. Simulating behavioral heterogeneity in watershed models: A systematic review of fertilizer use in SWAT studiesJournal of Soil and Water Conservation May 2022, 77 (3) 249-260; DOI:

Atkinson, T. L. AU - Gray, S. M.  Intra-population variation in male nuptial coloration and diet across anthropogenically altered visual microhabitats in an African cichlidJournal of Zoology.

Ba, D.G., & Jacquet, J.B. 2022. Local content policies in West Africa's mining sector: Assessment and roadmap to success. The Extractive Industries and Society, 9 (March). 101030.

Barnes, M.L.; Jasny, L.; Bauman, A.; Ben, J.; Berardo, R.; Bodin, O.; Cinner, J.; Feary, D.A.; Guerrero, A.M.; Januchowski-Hartley, F.A.; Kuange, J.T.; Lau, J.D.; Wang, P.; Zamborain-Mason, J. ‘Bunkering down’: How one community is tightening social-ecological network structures in the face of global change. People and Nature 2022.

Becot F, Inwood S and Rissing A (2022) Childcare for farm families: A key strategy to keep children safe yet largely absent from farm programmingFront. Public Health 10:1043774. doi: 10.3389/fpubh.2022.1043774

Becot, F., & Inwood, S. (2022). Examining access to health insurance and health care along the life course to shed light on interactions between farm households' social needs, social policy, and the farm businessSociologia Ruralis, 62(3), 485-508. doi:

Becot, F.A., Inwood, S.M. Medical economic vulnerability: a next step in expanding the farm resilience scholarship. Agric Hum Values (2022).

Beetstra, M., R.S. Wilson, and M. Doidge. 2022. Conservation behavior over time: Examining a Midwestern farmer sample. Land Use Policy, 115: 106002

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Brunner, Alicia R., Peter P Marra, Christopher M Tonra. 2022. Vulnerable Neotropical migratory songbird demonstrates flexibility in space use in response to rainfall change, Ornithology, Volume 139, Issue 2, ukac005,

Brunner, A.R.*, B.C. Dossman, K.L. Percy, V. Jirinec, C.M. Tonra, E.I. Johnson, and P.P. Marra. 2022. Migratory behavior and connectivity revealed in a secretive Neotropical migratory songbird, the Swainson's Warbler. Journal of Field Ornithology 93: 10.5751/JFO-00134-930305.

Bruskotter, J. T., Vucetich, J. A., Gilbert, S. L., Carter, N. H., & George, K. A. (2022). Tragic trade‐offs accompany carnivore coexistence in the modern world. Conservation Letters, 15(2), e412841.

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Cui L, Sun M, Jiao Z, Park J, Agca M, Zhang H, He L, Dai Y, Dong Y, Zhang X, Lian Y, Chen L, Zhao K. Effectiveness of the Reconstructed MODIS Typical-Angle Reflectances on Forest Biomass Estimation. Remote Sensing. 2022; 14(21): 5475.

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de Moraes Sá, J. C., Lal, R., Briedis, C., de Oliveira Ferreira, A., Tivet, F., Inagaki, T. M., Potma Gonçalves, D. R., Canalli, L. B., Burkner dos Santos, J., & Romaniw, J. 2022. Can C-budget of natural capital be restored through conservation agriculture in a tropical and subtropical environment? Environmental Pollution, 298, 118817.

Demyan, M.S., Smeck, N., 2022. Chemical, physical-temporal and spatial changes in 25-year-old mine soils in Southeast Ohio. Land Degradation and Development 33, 294–307. doi:10.1002/ldr.4150 

DeKeseredy, W.S., Donnermeyer, J.F. A New Theory of Globalization, Natural Resource Extraction and Violence Against Women: Toward Solving the Linkage ProblemCrit Crim (2022).

Devkota, DMiller, DCWang, SWBrooks, JSBiodiversity conservation funding in Bhutan: Thematic, temporal, and spatial trends over four decades. Conservation Science and Practice

Díaz-Siefer, P., Fontúrbel, F.E., Berasaluce, M., Huenchuleo,C., Lal, R., Mondaca, P., and J.L. Celis-Diez. The market–society–policy nexus in sustainable agricultureEnviron Dev Sustain (2022).

Doležalová-Weissmannová, H., Malý, S., Brtnický, M., Holátko, J., Demyan, M.S., Siewert, C., Tokarski, D., Kameníková, E., Kučerík, J. 2022.
Practical applications of thermogravimetry in soil science: Part 5. Linking the microbial soil characteristics of grassland and arable soils to thermogravimetry data.
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry.

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