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Full list of 2023 Publications

2023 Publications to Date

Ram K Adhikari, Neelam C Poudyal, Thomas O Ochuodho, Rajan Parajuli, Omkar Joshi, Sayeed R Mehmood, John F Munsell, Gaurav Dhungel, William Thomas, Ellen Crocker, Mo Zhou, Predictors of Landowners’ Intention to Manage Emerald Ash Borer in KentuckyForest Science, 2023;, fxad008,

Ahmad, N., Virk, A.L., Hafeez, M.B. et al. Soil Carbon Mineralization and Aggregate Distribution in Various Tillage Practices of Rice–Wheat Cropping System: A Field and Laboratory Study. J Soil Sci Plant Nutr (2023).

Arrueta, L., M. Kalcik, and D. Jackson-Smith. 2023. Simulating the effects of behavioral and physical heterogeneity on non-point source pollution. Journal of American Water Resources Association.

Becot, F.A., Inwood, S.M. & Buchanan, E.A. Navigating the Ethical and Methodological Dimensions of a Farm Safety Photovoice ProjectBioethical Inquiry (2023).

Bohenek, J.R., Sulliván, S.M.P. & Gray, S.M. Habitat and nutrients, but not artificial lighting at night, drive fish assemblage composition in urban streams. Urban Ecosyst (2023).

Clever Briedis, João Carlos de Moraes Sá, Rattan Lal, Ademir de Oliveira Ferreira, Julio Cezar Franchini, Débora Marcondes Bastos Pereira Milori, Preservation of labile organic compounds is the pathway for carbon storage in a 23-year continuous no-till system on a Ferralsol in southern Brazil, Geoderma Regional, Volume 33, 2023, e00643, ISSN 2352-0094,

Carlson, S. C., Dietsch, A. M., Slagle, K. M., & Bruskotter, J. T. (2023). Effect of semantics in the study of tolerance for wolves. Conservation biology, 37(2) e14003

Shelby C Carlson, John A Vucetich, L Mark Elbroch, Shelby Perry, Lydia A Roe, Tom Butler, Jeremy T Bruskotter, The role of governance in rewilding the United States to stem the biodiversity crisisBioScience, 2023;, biad099,

Zavaletta Cheek, J., Eklund, J., Merten, N., Brooks, J.S., and Miller, D. 2023. A guide to qualitative attribution methods for evaluation in conservation. Conservation Biology. 37: e14071.

Y.P. Chin; McKnight, D.M.; D’Andrilli, J.; Brooks, N.; Cawley, K.; Guerard, J.; Perdue, M.; Stedmon, C.A.; Tratnyek, P.; Westerhoff, P.; Wozniak, A.; Bloom, P.; Foreman, C.; Gabor, R.S.; Hamdi, J.; Hanson, B.; Hozalski, R.; Kellerman, A.; McKay, G.; Reckhow, D.; Remucal, C.; Silverman, V.; Spencer, R.; Ward, C.; Xin, D. (2023) Identification of the Next Generation International Humic Substances Society Reference Materials for Advancing the Understanding of the Role of Natural Organic Matter in the Anthropocene. Aquatic Sciences, 85.

Cooper, N.W., Dossman, B.C., Berrigan, L.E. et al. Songbirds initiate migratory flights synchronously relative to civil dusk. Mov Ecol 11, 24 (2023).

Crawford, J. A., W. E. Peterman, A. R. Kuhns, and C. A. Phillips. Effectiveness of rapid sampling assessments for wetland-breeding amphibians. Ecological Indicators 2023, 154:110736.

Cui. L., J. Ma, G. Quan, J. Yan, J.A. Ippolito, and H. Wang. 2023. Biochar alters the degradation and transport of kasugamycin in soil and spinach. MDPI Agriculture. 13, 2172.

Culman S, Fulford A, LaBarge G, Watters H, Lindsey LE, Dorrance A, Deiss L (2023) Probability of crop response to phosphorus and potassium fertilizer: Lessons from 45 years of Ohio trials. Soil Science Society of America Journal 20564, 1–14.

G. Matt Davies, Alan Gray, Simon C. Power, Rut Domènech. Resilience of temperate peatland vegetation communities to wildfire depends upon burn severity and pre-fire species composition. Ecology and Evolution 13(4) e9912

Dayer, A.A., Pototsky, P.C., Hall, R.J., Hawley, D.M., Phillips, T.B., Bonter, D.N., Dietsch, A.M., Greig, E., & Hochachka, W.M. (2023). Birds are not the only ones impacted by guidance to cease bird feeding. People and Nature,

Debenport, Spencer, Laura Mason and Richard P Dick 2023. Independent Validation of Differential Abundance Patterns from Illumina Miseq Analysis Using Quantitative PCR Techniques on the Selective Primer for Chitinophaga. Journal of Applied & Environmental Microbiology. 2023, 11(1), 1-10. DOI: 10.12691/jaem-11-1-1

Leonardo Deiss, M. Scott Demyan, Anthony Fulford, Tunsisa Hurisso, Steve W. Culman, High-throughput soil health assessment to predict corn agronomic performanceField Crops Research, Volume 297, 2023, 108930, ISSN 0378-4290,

Doležalová-Weissmannová, H., Malý, S., Brtnický, M., Holátko, J., Demyan, M. S., Siewert, C., Tokarski, D., Kameníková, E., & Kučerík, J. (2023). Practical applications of thermogravimetry in soil science: Part 5. Linking the microbial soil characteristics of grassland and arable soils to thermogravimetry data. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 148(4), 1599–1611.

Dong, Ziyu, and Roger A. Williams. 2023. Effects of Wildland Fuel Composition on Fire Intensity, Fire 6, no. 8: 312.

Downey, S.S., Walker, M., Moschler, J. et al. An intermediate level of disturbance with customary agricultural practices increases species diversity in Maya community forests in BelizeCommun Earth Environ 4, 428 (2023).

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Eleftheriou A, Beckett J, Bai N, Pesapane R. An established population of Asian longhorned ticks (Acari: Ixodidae) in Ohio, USA. Journal of Medical Entomology (2023): tjad104.

Andreas Eleftheriou, Samantha Swisher, Andreia Arruda, Amanda Berrian, Risa Pesapane, A survey of knowledge, attitudes, and practices of veterinary professionals regarding ticks and tick-borne diseases: Insights from Ohio, USAOne Health, Volume 17, 2023, 100592, ISSN 2352-7714,

Faisca LD, Peres M, Fernandes RS, Bonnet O, Batista RZ, Deiss L, Monteiro ALG (2023) A new insight about the selection and intake of forage by ewes and lambs in different production systems on pasture. Small Ruminant Research 221, 106949.

Fiorentino, Stefania & Glasmeier, Amy & Lobao, Linda & Martin, Ron & Tyler, Peter. (2023). ‘Left behind places’: what are they and why do they matter?. Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society. 10.1093/cjres/rsad044. 

Louceline Fleuridor, Anthony Fulford, Laura E. Lindsey, Ed Lentz, Harold Watters, Anne Dorrance, Richard Minyo, Erich Richer, Vijayasatya Chaganti, Sakthi Subburayalu, Steven W. Culman. Ohio grain crop response to sulfur fertilization. Agronomy Journal

Julia C. Frederick, Alec T. Thompson, Prisha Sharma, Guha Dharmarajan, Isobel Ronai, Risa Pesapane, Ryan C. Smith, Kellee D. Sundstrom, Jean I. Tsao, Holly C. Tuten, Michael J. Yabsley, Travis C. Glenn, Phylogeography of the blacklegged tick (Ixodes scapularis) throughout the USA identifies candidate loci for differences in vectorial capacity, Molecular Ecology,

Fried, H., M. Hamilton, R. Berardo. 2023. Theorizing multilevel incentive structures guiding forum navigation. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory. 33(4):633-646. doi:10.1093/jopart/muac042

Gade, M. R., P. R. Gould, A. J. Wilk, K. C. Donlon, M. L. Brown, M. L. Behan, M. A. Roseman, A. M. Tutterow, E. D. Amber, R. B. Wagner, A. S. Hoffman, J. M. Myers, and W. E. Peterman. Demography and space-use of Eastern Red-backed Salamanders (Plethodon cinereus) between mature and successional forests. Ecology and Evolution 13:e9764.

Gehrt, SD, EM Muntz, EC Wilson, J Power, SD Newsome.  2023.  Severe environmental conditions create severe conflicts: A novel ecological pathway to extreme coyote attacks on humansJournal of Applied Ecology, 60:353-364. 

Mia Gray, Michael Kitson, Linda Lobao, Ron Martin, Understanding the post-COVID state and its geographies, Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society 16(1), 2023, 1-8,

Haeffner, M., D. Jackson-Smith, and M. Barnett. 2023. Categorizing relative water use perception bias using household surveys and monthly water bills. Journal of Environmental Management 334:117443.

Hale, J., Irish, A., Carolan, M., Clark, J.K., Inwood, S.M., Jablonski, B.B.R., and T. Johnson. 2023. A systematic review of cultural capital in U.S. community development research. Journal of Rural Studies, 103, 103113.

Matthew Hamilton, Jonathan Salerno, Alexandra Paige Fischer, Cognition of feedback loops in a fire-prone social-ecological system, Global Environmental Change, Volume 74, 2022, 102519, ISSN 0959-3780,

Hamilton, M., C. Evers, M. Nielsen-Pincus. 2023. Wildfire risk governance from the bottom up: Linking local planning processes in fragmented landscapes. Ecology and Society. 28(3). doi:10.5751/ES-13856-280303

Hecht, M. Exclosure (or what we risk losing)Cult Stud of Sci Educ 18, 195–204 (2023).

Hecht, M., & Jadallah, C. C., (2023) Learning with water: centering more-than-human interactions in science learning for more just social-ecological futures. Digital Culture & Education, 14(5), 243 – 261.

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Hollander, A.D., K.S. Armstrong, M.R. Dimock, C.W. Hoy, P.R. Huber, D. Jackson-Smith, J.F. Quinn, C.R. Riggle, and T.P. Tomich. (2023) Workflows for knowledge co-production – meat and dairy processing in Ohio and Northern California. Sustainability 15:9991.

Tongxi Hu, Xuesong Zhang, Gil Bohrer, Yanlan Liu, Yuyu Zhou, Jay Martin, Yang Li, Kaiguang Zhao, Crop yield prediction via explainable AI and interpretable machine learning: Dangers of black box models for evaluating climate change impacts on crop yield, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, Volume 336, 2023, 109458, ISSN 0168-1923,

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Hongtao Yi. 2023. Advancing scholarship on policy conflict through perspectives from oil and gas policy
 Policy Sciences: 1-22. DOI:10.1007/s11077-023-09502-9

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