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Full list of 2023 Publications

2023 Publications to Date

Matthew Hamilton, Jonathan Salerno, Alexandra Paige Fischer, Cognition of feedback loops in a fire-prone social-ecological system, Global Environmental Change,
Volume 74, 2022, 102519, ISSN 0959-3780,

Herziger, A., & Sintov, N.D. (2023). Give it a try! Electric vehicle test drives influence symbolism perceptions and adoption intent. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 85: 101907. DOI: 10.1016/j.jenvp.2022.101907

Kristin F. Hurst, Nicole D. Sintov, Grant E. Donnelly, Increasing sustainable behavior through conversation, Journal of Environmental Psychology, Volume 86, 2023,
101948, ISSN 0272-4944.

Monoson, Alexys, Evangeline Schott, Kerry Ard, Brita Kilburg-Basnyat, Robert M Tighe, Sonal Pannu, Kymberly M Gowdy. 2023. Air pollution and respiratory infections: the past, present, and future. Toxicological Sciences.

Nandal, A., Yadav, S.S., Rao, A.S. et al. Advance methodological approaches for carbon stock estimation in forest ecosystemsEnviron Monit Assess 195, 315 (2023).

Novais, W., Wenner, B.A., Block, J.A. et al. Goat browse selectivity during conservation grazing in an invaded eastern oak-hickory forest. Agroforest Syst (2023).

Overby, T. A., Diekmann, F., & Lekies, K. S. (2023). Nature-based interventions for vulnerable youth: A scoping review. International Journal of Environmental Health Research, 33, 15-53. Doi:10.1080/09603123.2021.1998390

Wardropper, C, Genskow, K, Lavoie, A., Franklin, D., Usher, E., Wilke, A., Arbuckle, J., Jackson-Smith, D., Prokopy, L., and Rissman, A. 2023. Comparing states’ Nutrient Reduction Strategies in the US Upper Mississippi River Basin. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 78(1):70-81.

Yovovich, V., Robinson, N., Robinson, H., Manfredo, M.J., Perry, S., Bruskotter, J.T., Vucetich, J.A.,Solórzano, L.A., Roe, L.A., Lesure, A., Robertson, J., Bulter, and L.M. Elbroch.  Determining puma habitat suitability in the Eastern USABiodivers Conserv (2023).

Zhang, Z., Li, Y., Williams, R.A., Chen, Y., Peng, R., Liu, X., Qi, Y. and Wang, Z., 2023. Responses of soil respiration and its sensitivities to temperature and precipitation: A meta-analysisEcological Informatics, p.102057.