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Full list of 2023 Publications

2023 Publications to Date

Ram K Adhikari, Neelam C Poudyal, Thomas O Ochuodho, Rajan Parajuli, Omkar Joshi, Sayeed R Mehmood, John F Munsell, Gaurav Dhungel, William Thomas, Ellen Crocker, Mo Zhou, Predictors of Landowners’ Intention to Manage Emerald Ash Borer in KentuckyForest Science, 2023;, fxad008,

Andreas Eleftheriou, Samantha Swisher, Andreia Arruda, Amanda Berrian, Risa Pesapane, A survey of knowledge, attitudes, and practices of veterinary professionals regarding ticks and tick-borne diseases: Insights from Ohio, USAOne Health, Volume 17, 2023, 100592, ISSN 2352-7714,

Clever Briedis, João Carlos de Moraes Sá, Rattan Lal, Ademir de Oliveira Ferreira, Julio Cezar Franchini, Débora Marcondes Bastos Pereira Milori, Preservation of labile organic compounds is the pathway for carbon storage in a 23-year continuous no-till system on a Ferralsol in southern Brazil, Geoderma Regional, Volume 33, 2023, e00643, ISSN 2352-0094,

Cooper, N.W., Dossman, B.C., Berrigan, L.E. et al. Songbirds initiate migratory flights synchronously relative to civil dusk. Mov Ecol 11, 24 (2023).

Becot, F.A., Inwood, S.M. & Buchanan, E.A. Navigating the Ethical and Methodological Dimensions of a Farm Safety Photovoice ProjectBioethical Inquiry (2023).

G. Matt Davies, Alan Gray, Simon C. Power, Rut Domènech. Resilience of temperate peatland vegetation communities to wildfire depends upon burn severity and pre-fire species composition. Ecology and Evolution 13(4) e9912

Leonardo Deiss, M. Scott Demyan, Anthony Fulford, Tunsisa Hurisso, Steve W. Culman, High-throughput soil health assessment to predict corn agronomic performance,
Field Crops Research, Volume 297, 2023, 108930, ISSN 0378-4290,

Dong, Ziyu, and Roger A. Williams. 2023. Effects of Wildland Fuel Composition on Fire Intensity, Fire 6, no. 8: 312.

Louceline Fleuridor, Anthony Fulford, Laura E. Lindsey, Ed Lentz, Harold Watters, Anne Dorrance, Richard Minyo, Erich Richer, Vijayasatya Chaganti, Sakthi Subburayalu, Steven W. Culman. Ohio grain crop response to sulfur fertilization. Agronomy Journal

Julia C. Frederick, Alec T. Thompson, Prisha Sharma, Guha Dharmarajan, Isobel Ronai, Risa Pesapane, Ryan C. Smith, Kellee D. Sundstrom, Jean I. Tsao, Holly C. Tuten, Michael J. Yabsley, Travis C. Glenn, Phylogeography of the blacklegged tick (Ixodes scapularis) throughout the USA identifies candidate loci for differences in vectorial capacity, Molecular Ecology,

Mia Gray, Michael Kitson, Linda Lobao, Ron Martin, Understanding the post-COVID state and its geographies, Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society 16(1), 2023, 1-8,

Tongxi Hu, Xuesong Zhang, Gil Bohrer, Yanlan Liu, Yuyu Zhou, Jay Martin, Yang Li, Kaiguang Zhao, Crop yield prediction via explainable AI and interpretable machine learning: Dangers of black box models for evaluating climate change impacts on crop yield, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, Volume 336, 2023, 109458, ISSN 0168-1923,

Inwood, S., Rumble, J., Meeks, S., & Haden, V. (2023). Engaging, empowering, and evaluating farm-to-school projects with photovoiceJournal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development12(4), 1–13.

Kinney, K.A., Pintor, L.M., Mell, A.C. et al. Density-dependent predation and predator preference for native prey may facilitate an invasive crab’s escape from natural enemiesBiol Invasions (2023).

Laura MasonSpencer DebenportChelsea DeLayIbrahima DiedhiouBrian B. McSpadden GardenerKomi B. AssigbetseeVirginia RichRichard P. Dick, Microbial community shifts in pearl millet root zone soils with Guiera senegalensis intercropping along a rainfall and soil type gradient in the Sahel, Soil Science Society of America,

Matthew Hamilton, Jonathan Salerno, Alexandra Paige Fischer, Cognition of feedback loops in a fire-prone social-ecological system, Global Environmental Change,
Volume 74, 2022, 102519, ISSN 0959-3780,

Hecht, M. Exclosure (or what we risk losing)Cult Stud of Sci Educ 18, 195–204 (2023).

Herziger, A., & Sintov, N.D. (2023). Give it a try! Electric vehicle test drives influence symbolism perceptions and adoption intent. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 85: 101907. DOI: 10.1016/j.jenvp.2022.101907

Huang Y, Zhang J, Zhang L, Ming Z, He H, Chen R, Ge Y, Liu R. How Spatial Resolution of Remote Sensing Image Affects Earthquake Triggered Landslide Detection: An Example from 2022 Luding Earthquake, Sichuan, ChinaLand. 2023; 12(3):681.

Kristin F. Hurst, Nicole D. Sintov, Grant E. Donnelly, Increasing sustainable behavior through conversation, Journal of Environmental Psychology, Volume 86, 2023,
101948, ISSN 0272-4944.

Mandal D, Patra S, Sharma NK, Alam NM, Jana C, Lal R. Impacts of Soil Erosion on Soil Quality and Agricultural Sustainability in the North-Western Himalayan Region of India. Sustainability. 2023; 15(6):5430.

Milling, C. R., and S. D. Gehrt. 2023. Behavior-specific habitat selection by raccoons in the Prairie Pothole Region of ManitobaThe Journal of Wildlife Management, e22448.

Monoson, Alexys, Evangeline Schott, Kerry Ard, Brita Kilburg-Basnyat, Robert M Tighe, Sonal Pannu, Kymberly M Gowdy. 2023. Air pollution and respiratory infections: the past, present, and future. Toxicological Sciences.

Nandal, A., Yadav, S.S., Rao, A.S. et al. Advance methodological approaches for carbon stock estimation in forest ecosystemsEnviron Monit Assess 195, 315 (2023).

Novais, W., Wenner, B.A., Block, J.A. et al. Goat browse selectivity during conservation grazing in an invaded eastern oak-hickory forest. Agroforest Syst (2023).

Overby, T. A., Diekmann, F., & Lekies, K. S. (2023). Nature-based interventions for vulnerable youth: A scoping review. International Journal of Environmental Health Research, 33, 15-53. Doi:10.1080/09603123.2021.1998390

Simon C. Power, G. Matt Davies, Claire E. Wainwright, Michael Marsh, Jonathan D. Bakker. Restoration temporarily supports the resilience of sagebrush-steppe ecosystems subjected to repeated fires. Journal of Applied Ecology

Raj K. Shrestha, Pierre-Andre Jacinthe, Rattan Lal, Klaus Lorenz, Maninder P. Singh, Scott M. Demyan, Wei Ren, Laura E. Lindsey, Biochar as a negative emission technology: A synthesis of field research on greenhouse gas emissions, Journal of Environmental Quality

Aaron A Skinner, Stephen N Matthews, Michael P Ward, Ian Souza-Cole, James R Wright, Frank R Thompson, III, Thomas J Benson, Christopher M Tonra, Eastern Whip-poor-wills have larger nonbreeding home ranges in areas with more agriculture and forest fragmentationOrnithological Applications, Volume 125, Issue 1, 3 February 2023, duac050,

Stough-Hunter, A., & Lekies, K. S. (2023).  Effectively engaging first-generation rural students in higher education:  New opportunities for sociology.  Teaching Sociology, 51, 301-309. 

Walia MK, Dick WA (2023) Gypsum and carbon amendments influence carbon fractions in two soils in Ohio, USA. PLoS ONE 18(4): e0283722.

Wardropper, C, Genskow, K, Lavoie, A., Franklin, D., Usher, E., Wilke, A., Arbuckle, J., Jackson-Smith, D., Prokopy, L., and Rissman, A. 2023. Comparing states’ Nutrient Reduction Strategies in the US Upper Mississippi River Basin. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 78(1):70-81.

D.B. Watts, G.B. Runion, W.A. Dick, J.M. Gonzalez, K.R. Islam, D.C. Flanagan, N.R. Fausey, T.T. VanToai, M.T. Batte, R.C. Reeder, D. Kost, L. Chen and P.-A. Jacinthe. Influence of gypsum and cover crop on greenhouse gas emissions in soybean cropping systems. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation March 2023, 78 (2) 154-162; DOI:

Yovovich, V., Robinson, N., Robinson, H., Manfredo, M.J., Perry, S., Bruskotter, J.T., Vucetich, J.A.,Solórzano, L.A., Roe, L.A., Lesure, A., Robertson, J., Bulter, and L.M. Elbroch.  Determining puma habitat suitability in the Eastern USABiodivers Conserv (2023).

Zhang, Z., Li, Y., Williams, R.A., Chen, Y., Peng, R., Liu, X., Qi, Y. and Wang, Z., 2023. Responses of soil respiration and its sensitivities to temperature and precipitation: A meta-analysisEcological Informatics, p.102057.