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Full List of 2024 Publications

2024 Publications to Date

Campbell, J., Shaul, K., Slagle, K.M. and Sovic, D. (2024), "Sustainable community development through peer-to-peer learning in the online and in-person classroom", International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print.

Cui L, Zhang J, Dai Y, Xie R, Zhu Z, Sun M, Zhang X, He L, Zhang H, Dong Y, et al. Influence of BRDF Models and Solar Zenith Angles on Forest Above-Ground Biomass Derived from MODIS Multi-Angular IndicesForests. 2024; 15(3):541.

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Fonseca, E.M., Pope, N.S., Peterman, W.E. et al. Genetic structure and landscape effects on gene flow in the Neotropical lizard Norops brasiliensis (Squamata: Dactyloidae)Heredity (2024).

Gallemore, C., T. Pham, M. Hamilton, D. Munroe. 2024. Vietnam’s Payments for Forest Ecosystem Services scheme’s puzzling role in protecting longstanding forests as deforestation rates riseEcological Economics. 217: 108078. doi:10.1016/j.ecolecon.2023.108078

Hecht, M.  (2024, April 17). Challenging the Nature—Culture Binary Through Urban Environmental Education. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education. Retrieved 23 Apr. 2024, from

Jacquet, J. B., T. Measham, and J. H. Haggerty. 2024. “Meso-level planning for mine closure and transition: How do we optimise closure benefits and minimise risk at the regional scale?Research Directions: Mine closure and transitions.

Norton, A., Russell, Á., Radford, A., Burgess, M., Bauer, J.A., Christiansen, C.L., Knight, S., Whitacre, S., Basta, N., Ceballos, D. Short Report: Addressing Community Air Traffic Concerns: A Pilot Study on Metals and Other Elements in Soil. Water Air Soil Pollut 235, 22 (2024).

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J. H. Tiarks, Suzanne M. Gray, Lauren J. Chapman; Turbidity drives plasticity in the eyes and brains of an African cichlid. J Exp Biol 1 April 2024; 227 (7): jeb246708. doi:

Vucetich JA, Bruskotter JT, Ghasemi B, Rapp CE, Nelson MP, Slagle KM. A Flexible Inventory of Survey Items for Environmental Concepts Generated via Special Attention to Content Validity and Item Response TheorySustainability. 2024; 16(5):1916.