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School of Environment and Natural Resources


Forestry Mission

The mission of the Forestry program at The Ohio State University is to provide a balanced, integrated program of teaching, research, and service focusing on forest ecosystem science and management.
Our specific goals are:
1) to provide professionally accredited undergraduate curriculums stressing education of students in the ecological principles of forest ecosystem science, and in integrated management of ecosystem components for diverse benefits and values;
2) to provide research and graduate education programs emphasizing specific strengths in forest ecosystem science and management;
3) to provide continuing educational opportunities in forestry  for professionals and for the public through comprehensive extension programs;
4) to provide educational opportunities for students from across the School, College, and University that will improve their knowledge of the science and management of forest ecosystems; and
5) to provide leadership and service in issues related to forest ecosystem science and management to interested persons within The University, the profession, and the state of Ohio.