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Previous Presentations

Spring 2014 Presentations

Konrad Dabrowski. Methionine requirement of common/koi carp – dietary free amino acid dilemma and other challenges, at Huazhong Agriculture University, Wuhan, Hubei, China; and Vitamins in nutrition of cultured and wild fish: stress and health implications, at the Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan, China, December 9-10.

Adam Kautza. Shifts in fish-centered food webs along an urban-rural gradient in a Midwest U.S. river system. Society for Freshwater Sciences. Portland, OR. May 2014.

Leslie Rieck. Short-term geomorphic change exerts strong effects on fish assemblage diversity and composition in small urban streams. Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting. Portland, OR. May 2014.

Ajay Singh. Psychological distance and support for climate mitigation policy. Western Political Science Association. Seattle, WA. April 2014.

John Grayson. Improving Yellow Perch larvae culture by utilizing live food enrichment with PUFA. Aquaculture America. Seattle, WA. February 2014.

Coree A. Brooks (Robert J. Gates co-author). Vegetation Response and Enhancement for Northern Bobwhite in Southwest Ohio. Annual Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference. Kansas City, MO. January 2014.

David M. Hix. Providing the essential foundation: learning about forest ecosystems in the field as the basis for their management. Tenth Biennial Conference on University Education in Natural Resources, Auburn, AL, March 2014.

Randall T. Knapik (Robert J. Gates co-author). Northern bobwhite demographic response to land-use change and winter weather patterns. Annual Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference. Kansas City, MO. January 2014.

Gabriel R. Karns (with co-authors Robert J. Gates, Stephen N. Matthews, Jeremy T. Bruskotter, and Michael J. Tonkovich (ODNR). Predictors of Female White-tailed Deer Harvest:  Delineating New Deer Management units Based on Spatial Homogeneity in Ohio. Annual Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference. Kansas City, MO. January 2014.

Jason T. Tucker (Robert J. Gates co-author). Movements, home range, and habitat use of greater Sandhill Cranes (Grus Canadensis tabida) in Ohio. Annual Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference. Kansas City, MO. January 2014.

Keith A. Norris (with co-authors Robert J. Gates, Paul G. Rodewald (Cornell University), H. Thomas Bartlett (Cleveland Museum of Natural History), Tom Kashmer (Sandusky County Parks Department), John Simpson (Winous Point Marsh Conservancy), Mark Shieldcastle (Black Swamp Bird Observatory), and James B. Cole (The Nature Conservancy). Using aspects of shorebird migration stopover ecology to inform habitat conservation planning in the Great Lakes Region. Annual Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference. Kansas City, MO. January 2014.

Lauren H. Blyth (with co-authors Stephen N. Matthews and Todd F. Hutchinson (US Forest Service).  The role of within-treatment habitat gradients in evaluating the effect of forest management practices on salamander species composition. Annual Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference. Kansas City, MO. January 2014.

Jennifer S. Malpass (with co-author Amanda D. Rodewald (Cornell University)). Effect of Wildlife-Friendly Gardening on Species Interactions. Ohio Fish and Wildlife Conferences. Columbus, OH. January 2014.

Autumn 2013 Presentations

Dr. Roger Williams presented Production Forests in a Green Economy: Opportunities to Enhance Products, Services, and Biodiversity at the 1st Annual International Conference of Emerging Industies - 2013. Shenzhen, China, November 3 -5. 2013. Dr. Williams also served as chairman in the forum “The Green Economy and Eco-Civilization”. The conference was sponsored by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs in China, the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government and Information Research Center of International Talents, and BIT, Inc., an international scientific think tank headquartered in Dalian, China.

Eilers, Ellen and Jeremy Brooks. Pro-environmental behaviors, social norms, and norm conflict: information to guide approaches to foster a more sustainable university. Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education Conference. Nashville, TN, October 2013. 

Zwickle, A., Koontz, T., Bodine, A. Assessing Undergraduate Sustainability Knowledge Campus Wide: From design to implementation and analysis. Association for the Advancement of Sustinability in Higher Education Conference. Nashville, TN, October 2013.

Gehrt, Stanley. Coyote use of the urban matrix: variation in movements, activity, diet, and conflict implications. The Wildlife Society's Annual Conference. Milwaukee, WI, October 2013.

Brooks, Coree. Managing early successional vegetation along woodlot edges for northern bobwhites in southwestern Ohio. The Wildlife Society's Annual Conference. Milwaukee, WI, October 2013.

Knapik, Randy. Northern bobwhite (Colinus virginianus) demographic response to habitat structure and a decline in usable space. The Wildlife Society's Annual Conference. Milwaukee, WI, October 2013.

Norris, Keith. Shorebird body mass dynamics and food abundance at an inland stopover site: informing habitat conservation planning in the great lakes region. The Wildlife Society's Annual Conference. Milwaukee, WI, October 2013.

Goebel, P.C. and C.W. Goss. Prioritizing forest, riparian, and watershed restoration efforts using a holistic approach: lessons learned from eastern North America. RegioResources21, Catania, Sicily, September 2013.

Goebel, P.C. and G.M. Davies. Novel disturbances for novel ecosystems: managing conifer plantations for multiple ecosystem services. RegioResources21, Catania, Sicily, September 2013.

Goss, G.W., P.C. Goebel and S.M.P. Sullivan. Aquatic-terrestrial linkages in remnant forest patches: implications for conservation and restoration of headwater streams in agricultural landscapes. RegioResources21, Catania, Sicily, September 2013.

Summer 2013 Presentations

Matthews, S.N., Iverson, L.R., Prasad, A.M., and M.P. Peters. Incorporating range position and temporal stability of projected changes in tree species habitats to assess regional climate change vulnerability. Ecological Society of America 98th Annual Conference. Minneapolis, MN, August 2013.

Molly McDermott, a PhD student in the fisheries and wildlife specialization area and member of the Terrestrial Wildlife Ecology Lab, presented at the American Onithologists' Union/Cooper Ornithological Society meeting in Chicago on August 14th. Her paper was titled "Conservation value of silvopasture and shade agroforestry to Andean forest birds."

Donnermeyer, Joe. Not Everyone is McDonaldized:  Understanding the Sustainability of the Amish Subculture in North America. University of New England, Armidale, New South Wales, Australia, July 3, 2013.
Rattan Lal made several presentations since June including:
  • “Soil Carbon Management for Climate Change” IUSS Global Soil Carbon Conference, International Union of Soil Sciences, June 2013
  • “Soil Stewardship” Caux Dialogue on Land and Security, Caux, Switzerland, July 2013
  • “Mitigating Climate Change and Achieving Food Security by Managing Soil” Agricultural Media Summit, Buffalo New York, August 2013.

In addition, Lal served as Team Leader of the External Evaluation Team of the Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Innovation Lab funded by USAID. The Team traveled to Haiti , Ghana and Cambodia. 

SENR's Charles Goebel, David Hix and Priscilla Nyamai presented, "Reducing fuels and restoring the regeneration layer of mixed-pine forests of eastern Upper Michigan using variable-retention harvesting" at the North American Forest Ecology Workshop 2013 in Bloomington, Indiana, June 2013.

SENR's Adam Zwickle presented, 

"Construing Risk: Test the Effects of Psychological Distance on Risk Perception" at the Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences annual conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, June 2013.

"Sustainability Across the Curriculum: Developing and Using a Knowledge Assessment Tool" at the Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences annual conference, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, June 2013.
"Assessing Undergraduate Sustainability Knowledge" at the Climate, Mind and Behavior Symposium – Garrison Institute, Garrison, New York, June 2013.

Winter & Spring 2013 Presentations

Matthews S.N., Iverson, L.R., Prasad, A.M., and Peters, M.P., and Subburayalu, S. 2013. Can Rapid Screening and Comparing Risks of Climate Change Vulnerabilities to Forests Provide Insights for Ecosystem Services?. US- International Association for Landscape Ecology 28th Annual Symposium. Austin, TX, April 2013.

A Conservation State of Mind
Sponsored by the Ohio Division of Wildlife, the Wildlife Diversity Conference was held Wednesday, Mar. 13, at the Aladdin Shriners' Complex in Columbus. Two members of SENR made presentations at this one day event that drew approximately 950 people. Paul Rodewald presented Atlas of Breeding Birds: Canvassing the State, and Joe Bonnell presented Outside instructions: Certified Volunteer Naturalist Program. The keynote speaker was Steve Pollick, retired outdoor writer with the Toledo Blade, who presented Made in Ohio: A Conservation Choice. Pollick enlightened listeners on how Ohio compares to his worldly travels and how awesome Ohio is - even in our own backyards!

Aquaculture 2013
During Aquaculture 2013, an international conference hosted by the World Aquaculture Society, Konrad Dabrowski and his students Bong-Joo Lee, John Grayson, and Timothy Parker, made 7 presentations. Dr. Dabrowski was the busiest of the group, presenting 3 of the presentations. Bong-Joo Lee presented his latest research on methionine supplementation in salmonids. He also presented research on diets of juvenile olive flounder that he conducted in his new position at the National Fisheries Research and Development Institute in Pohang, South Korea. John Grayson presented advances in yellow perch larvae culture made this past year within the lab, and Timothy Parker presented part of his thesis research looking at the impacts of un-inflated swim bladder in yellow perch larvae and how it influences their tolerance to hypoxia. 

Konrad Dabrowski presented:
American Eel Culture – Work Plan for Development of Research Agenda and Industry -- Konrad Dabrowski, Macdonald Wick (Animal Sciences, OSU)
Effect of Swim Bladder Non-Inflation on Yellow Perch Performance – Is There a Late Inflation after Pneumatic Duct Athrophy? -- Konrad Dabrowski, Malgorzata Korzeniowska, Tod Drost, Karolina Kwasek, Michal Wojno
Exploring the Mechanism of Metabolic Changes due to Replacement of Protein with Free Amino Acids in Purified Diets for Common Carp (Cyprinuscarpio) -- Michal Wojno, Andreas Lemme, and Konrad Dabrowski
Bong-Joo Lee presented:
Alternative Strategies for Methionine Supplementation to Plant Protein-Based Diets in Atlantic Salmon Salmo salar L. Alevins -- Bong-Joo Lee and Konrad Dabrowski
Effect of Dietary Glycoprotein Extracted from Porphyra on Growth Performance and Resistance Against Edwardsiella tarda in Juvenile Olive Flounder Paralichthys olivaceus -- Bong-Joo Lee, Kang-Woong Kim, Cheul-Min An, Kyoung-Duck Kim, Hyon-Sob Han, Taek Jeong Nam, Kyeong-Jun Lee, and Sungchul C. Bai
John Grayson presented:
The Art of Raising Yellow Perch Larvae and Juveniles in Captivity -- Karolina Kwasek, Michal Wojno, Farokh Niass, John Grayson and Konrad Dabrowski
Timothy Parker presented:
Effects of Oxygen Saturation on Growth and Metabolic Rate in Yellow Perch (Perca flavescens) with Un-Inflated or Inflated Swim-Bladder -- Tim Parker, Konrad Dabrowski, Karolina Kwasek, and Michal Wojno
Dr. Maria Celia Portella presented work resulting from collaboration between the OSU Aquaculture Laboratory and Sao Paulo State University, Jabotiocabal, Brazil. This project was completed with the support of CRSP Aquaculture and Fisheries Program (USAID, Oregon State University) and involved studies on “air-breathing fishes.”  Her presentation was The Effect of Hypoxia and Hyperoxia on Respiratory Behavior and Gills Elements of Pirarucu Arapaima gigas Juveniles -- Natalia de Jesus Leitão, Caroline Nebo, Thiago Mendes de Freitas, Juliana Tomomi Kojima, Konrad Dabrowski and Maria Célia Portella
This conference was held in Nashville, TN, Feb. 21-25, 2013.