Terrestrial Wildlife Ecology Lab

  1. Bird-based Habitat Conservation Workshop with the Upper Mississippi River and Great Lakes Region Joint Venture Science Office.

    Joint Venture Launches New Conservation Strategies

    Apr 23, 2018

    The Terrestrial Wildlife Ecology Laboratory (TWEL) hosted Greg Soulliere and Mohammed Al-Saffar from the Upper Mississippi River and Great Lakes (UMR&GLR) Joint Venture science office in early April 2018. Greg and Mohammed, along with Drs. Chris Tonra (TWEL) and Robert Gates (TWEL) rolled out the Joint Venture's new waterfowl and waterbird conservation strategies, and discussed the biological foundations of all-bird habitat conservation planning, including the current land bird and shorebird conservation strategies.  There was lively discussion about incorporating human dimensions and ecosystem goods and services goals into the biological planning of bird conservation at the landscape scale during an afternoon session held at the 4-H center on the campus of The Ohio State University.  

  2. Wildlife research by Ohio State researchers to be presented at Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference in Wisconsin. Photo credit: Jeremy Bruskotter

    Faculty, Students to Present Research at Annual Fish and Wildlife Conference

    Jan 13, 2018

    Wildlife research conducted by faculty and students in the School of Environment and Natural Resources will be presented at the 78th Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin later this month.

  3. The annual conference of the Ohio Community Wildlife Cooperative is Nov. 8 at Ohio State. It’s for city officials and others who work to manage conflicts with wildlife, like this white-tailed deer. (Photo: iStock.)

    From Deer to Bats to Cats, Conference to Focus on Managing Wildlife Conflicts

    Oct 23, 2017

    What’s a city to do about deer? Bats? Loose-running cats?  Experts will discuss answers at the Ohio Community Wildlife Cooperative’s annual conference, set for Nov. 8 on The Ohio State University’s Columbus campus.  The event, geared toward city officials, community leaders and others who manage conflicts between people and wildlife, will have nine sessions on topics including the status of white-tailed deer in Ohio, keeping bats healthy and out of belfries, or at least people’s homes, and the sometimes-heated issue of feral and free-ranging cats.

  4. SENR's Terrestrial Wildlife Ecology Lab To Participate in Annual Fish and Wildlife Conference

    Jan 15, 2014

    Over four days faculty and graduate students in SENR's Terrestrial Wildlife Ecology Lab will gather with other Midwest natural resource scientists and professionals to share the latest research, management experiences and discuss pressing fish and wildlife issues.