Urban Coyotes

  1. Urban Coyotes Featured in Ranger Rick

    Mar 25, 2019

    The March 2019 issue of Ranger Rick magazine features an informative article on coyotes living in cities and features the Cook County Urban Coyote Research Project led by faculty member and wildlife expert in the School of Environment and Natural Resources Stan Gehrt. The article provides a glimpse into how he and his team of researchers locate, track and study urban coyotes over time.  Read the story here.

    Ranger Rick is a publication of the National Wildlife Federation. 

  2. National Geographic Crittercam captures coyote running through Chicago streets

    Nov 24, 2014

    SENR Wildlife Ecologist Stan Gehrt's urban coyote research is featured on National Geographic's website. The article, Downtown Coyotes: Inside the Secret Lives of Chicago's Predator, describes some of Gehrt's newest research on how urban coyotes interact with the landscape.  A video also accompanies the article and let's viewers watch a coyote run through the city streets of Chicago. The coyote in the video is fitted with a National Geographic Crittercam. According to the article, this is the first time this technology has been used on urban coyotes.