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School of Environment and Natural Resources


Academic Advisors and Faculty Mentors

Students in the School of Environment and Natural Resources will benefit from having access to an academic advisor as well as a faculty mentor. The two roles are different and understanding what each does will allow you to make the most of the expertise they can offer you.

Academic Advising

All ENR students work with an academic advisor throughout their program. The ENR advising team has expertise in areas related to student success. Your academic advisor should be your first point of contact for questions related to:

  • Your curriculum – they fully understand the requirements for each of our five majors as well as the general education requirements
  • Connecting you to the resources here at Ohio State – they can offer you information and solutions for academic and other issues you may be experiencing. They can connect you to the appropriate resources here at OSU on everything from chemistry tutors, math help room, to counseling and consultation services.
  • Adding or dropping classes, general scheduling questions, making changes or substitutions in your program
  • Questions/issues related to your academic program requirements 

Schedule an appointment:
To schedule an appointment with an academic advisor please utilize our bookings page. To schedule an academic advising appointment click here. To schedule a career advising appointment click here. Appointment times fill up quickly during certain times of the semester, particularly around scheduling time, it’s generally a good idea to book two weeks in advance for an appointment.


Faculty Mentoring

ENR students will also be assigned a faculty mentor. This happens after you have declared your specialization, typically toward the end of your first year or fall semester of your second year in your major. Your faculty mentor is an expert in your field and therefore can offer valuable insight and advice. Connecting with your faculty mentor gives you the opportunity to benefit from their expertise, we encourage you to meet with them each semester. Your faculty mentor can offer assistance with:

  • Major/specialization course selections
  • Research opportunities
  • Determining appropriate substitute courses
  • Career planning
  • Graduate School

Schedule an appointment:
To schedule an appointment with your faculty mentor please contact them directly using the contact information provided on the Our People webpage. Don't wait until the last minute to contact your mentor when you need theirr help. Faculty are very busy between their courses, research, and fieldwork and may not be able to respond to your request in a short timeframe.