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School of Environment and Natural Resources


Dual Degrees & Double Majors

Pursuing either a Dual Degree or a Double Major requires careful planning and attention to details. Students considering either option need to consult with both units early in the process, as there are university academic rules governing each program that must to be adhered to.  Interested students should begin the process by calling our office at 614-292-2265 to schedule an appointment with an academic advisor.

In a Dual Degree:

  • Students are simultaneously enrolled in two academic units.
  • Students must complete the requirements for both degree programs.
  • GE courses may overlap (but all for each program must be completed).
  • No overlap of major courses (including Core courses) is permitted. However, SENR Core courses can overlap with GE courses for the other major.
  • Students will receive two diplomas at graduation – one for each degree.
  • Students may earn the two degrees at one time, or separately.

In a Double Major:

  • You must meet the requirements for each major as set by the departments that offer them.
  • Each major must contain at least unique 18 semester hours not contained in the other.
  • SENR majors cannot serve as the second major.  For more information and a list of possible second majors for SENR students, click here.
  • Overlap with the GE or GEC may be permitted where appropriate. Consult with your academic advisors for more information.
  • Students will receive one diploma at graduation.
  • Students must complete both majors before graduating.