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Scheduling Classes

Enrollment Appointments

Enrollment appointments are set by the Office of the University Registrar early each semester for the following semester’s scheduling. You will find your enrollment appointment information in your My Buckeye Link. It is important to schedule your courses when your appointment begins. If you wait, classes will fill up.

Scheduling may be prevented for the following reasons:

  • There is a hold on your account
  • You have not completed you Financial Responsibility Statement (found on the right-hand column of your My Buckeye Link page)
  • Your GPA is below a 2.0, and you are on academic probation 
  • You are on Special Action Probation. If you are on a probation status, you must schedule an appointment with an academic advisor.

Contact us via the web or call 614.292.2265 if you are unsure why you cannot schedule classes.

Adding Classes

You may add classes to your schedule using on-line registration from the time your enrollment appointment begins through the first Friday of the semester. If you attempt to enroll in a course and receive an error message, it could be for one of the following reasons:

  • The course requires permission
  • You do not meet prerequisite requirements
  • There is a time conflict with another course
  • The course will put you over 18 credit hours
  • The course is full 

You will not be able to enroll yourself in a course if you receive an error message until you resolve the conflict or receive enrollment permission form the instructor on a Course Enrollment Permission form. Submit the form via email to and you will be manually added to the course by a staff member. 

If a course is full and you put yourself on the waitlist and a seat becomes available, you will only be added if that time is still available in your schedule. You will also not be added if enrollment in the waitlisted course puts you over 18 hours. The waitlist only functions through the first Friday of the semester, after that it shuts down and will no longer add students. The waitlist still appears after the first Friday, however it is no longer functioning. If you have not been added to the course by the first Friday, you will need to be proactive and contact the instructor to secure a seat in the class.

A reminder on Credit Hours – 12 credit hours is full-time; however, you may schedule up to 18 credit hours.  Anything over 18 hours requires permission from an academic advisor and will incur additional fees.

Dropping Classes

You may drop classes from your schedule using on-line registration from the time your enrollment appointment begins through the fourth Friday of the semester (for full term classes). After the fourth Friday, you must come to 210 Kottman to complete a Course Drop form in order to drop a course. After the fourth Friday, you will receive a 'W' on your transcript indicating you withdrew from the course. The last day to withdraw from a full semester course is the 10th Friday of the semester. No course may be withdrawn from after that date unless there are serious extenuating circumstances (such as hospitalization). For additional information on the potential consequences of dropping a course, click here.