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Internships and Academic Credit for Experiential Learning

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Experiential Learning Requirement

Note: The Experiential Learning Requirement only applies to students who began their studies at OSU in summer 2022 or before. For further questions about your specific situation, contact your academic advisor.  

Students majoring in EEDS and NRM must complete two (2) credits of Experiential Learning prior to graduation. Experiential Learning is typically fulfilled in one of two ways:

  • The completion of an approved Education Abroad experience
  • The completion of an approved internship and the accompanying internship courses

Students majoring in EPDM, ES, and FFW may also earn academic credit for their internships. If you do not have an Experiential Learning requirement built into your curriculum but wish to earn credit for an upcoming internship, meet with your academic advisor to discuss where you can apply the internship credits toward your degree completion. You will also need to undergo the internship credit approval process, described below.

Internship Eligibility Requirements for Academic Credit

Hour requirements 

Students participating in a part-time internship can earn 1 credit hour and will be enrolled in ENR 2191. The part-time experience must be a minimum of 10 weeks and requires the student to work a minimum of 18+ hours per week (180+ hours of contact time).

Students participating in a full-time internship can earn 2 credit hours and will be enrolled in ENR 4191. This full-time experience must be a minimum of 10 weeks and requires a student to work 36+ hours per week (360+ hours of contact time).

supervisory requirements

The internship should provide regular and frequent contact with a supervisor or manager who is professionally trained in the internship’s content and is available to offer guidance throughout the experience. A system should be established for regular check-ins between the intern and supervisor. 

Subject Requirements

The internship should be within a field relevant to the student’s major and specialization coursework, as well as their career interests. The experience should offer opportunities for the student to apply knowledge, concepts, and skills gained in class to a workplace setting. The primary duties of the internship should be intellectually stimulating and promote professional growth. 

How to Register Your Internship for Academic Credit

Students must register for credit PRIOR to their work experience beginning. If you have recently started an internship, you must seek approval as soon as possible, though it is not guaranteed your internship will be approved for credit. Please note: Credit cannot be awarded for a past experience.

As you begin your internship search:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the basic requirements an internship must meet in order to be approved. See hour, supervisory, and subject requirements in the section above.
  2. Check in with your career advisor throughout your search to make sure the positions for which you are applying meet the requirements for academic credit. The quickest and most efficient way to do this is by submitting an Internship Credit Inquiry

Internship Credit Inquiry Form

After you are offered an internship:

  1. Schedule an appointment with one of the SENR Career Advisors, Lucia Hadella or Meagan Toohey (call 614-292-2265 or schedule online).
  2. Bring to your appointment: An official offer letter or email(s) containing the following information:
  • Job title
  • Job duties
  • Start and end dates
  • Number of hours expected to work per week

After your internship is approved:

  1. Your career advisor will send you the link to an internship contract. Promptly complete the contract.
  2. Once you have completed the contract, your career advisor will enroll you in ENR 2191 or 4191, as well as ENR 3191. You are responsible for checking Carmen regularly and completing the assignments on time.

Explanation of Internship Credit Courses

ENR 3191 

ENR 3191 is a 0-credit course that all students must be enrolled in while they are taking part in their internship experience. For example, if your internship takes place over the summer, you must be enrolled in ENR 3191 for the summer semester.

Student tuition and fees apply.

The Purpose of ENR 3191

- Formally track and document student internships
- Ensure students receive all university protections associated with “enrolled student” status while they are taking part in their internship experience
- Administer initial check-in assignments pertaining to the internship experience

ENR 2191 & 4191

The assignments and course structure for ENR 2191 and 4191 are identical. ENR 2191 awards 1 credit hour and is taken by students in part-time internships. ENR 4191 awards 2 credit hours and is taken by students in full-time internships. This course is administered through Carmen and is graded on as Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory. There are no in-person class sessions, but students are expected to be present for some scheduled in-person activities, such as a final presentation. 

The purpose of ENR 2191 & 4191

The assignments are designed to help students report back and reflect on their internships. Students can expect:

- Several short (1-2 page) reflection assignments
- Required checkpoints and evaluations with their supervisor
- A 1-2 min video project assignment
- A final presentation

Summer Internships

Most students complete their internship experience over the summer. If this is the case, the student is enrolled in ENR 3191 for Summer semester and ENR 2191 or 4191 for Autumn. Some preliminary assignments will be due over the summer, with the majority of coursework due in the fall once the internship is complete. Speak with your career advisor about the option to complete all internship coursework over the summer to see if this option makes sense for your situation.

Students Traveling Internationally for Academic or Co-curricular Purposes

All Ohio State students traveling to international locations for academic or co-curricular purposes are required to enroll in the university's supplemental travel insurance. This includes service and volunteer, undergraduate or graduate/dissertation research, international internships or independent study as part of their academic program are required to enroll separately in the university's supplemental travel insurance. Approval for your internship credit will not be granted or any other graduation requirement unless you are covered by this insurance.

Please refer to the Office of International Affairs for additional information.