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Every other year, our office hosts an Employer Advisory Board meeting where we share out sample resumes. Employers from the various industries comment on what works best for them and this resume sample is produced as a result of their input. Here are a few more FAQ's for writing an environmentally focused resume :

How long should a resume be?

Your resume should be as long as it needs to be in order to effectively and in a concise manner communicate who you are and what you can do.  Your resume should be focused on the job target meaning, you will write a "new" resume for each job you apply for so that it is written specifically to address how your skills match up to the employers sought qualifications.

The one-page resume rule is a myth.  Gone are the days of employers looking at a stack of brief one-page resumes and calling in the top 20 for interviews to weed through the applicants.  They want to get the full picture of who you are and what you can do, right now.  They will call in the top 5 or so for interviews.  Fill your resume with relevant experience concisely written with no "fluff" added and you will find success with a two page (or even longer if necessary) resume.

How do I list my degree?

Undergraduates in the School of Environment and Natural Resources will receive a Bachelor of Science in Environment and Natural Resources.  On your resume, you will list the university name, the location of the campus, your degree, the date your degree will be / was conferred, your major, and / or specialization. 

You typically can begin listing your degree once you are within 1 or 2 semesters from graduation.  Listing your degree too far in advance, while your program is in progress, could be perceived as over reaching.  While your degree is in progress, your education can be listed like this:

The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
School of Environment and Natural Resources
Major:  Environment, Economy, Development and Sustainability
Specialization: International Development

AND once you are nearing graduation and post graduation:

The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
Bachelor of Science in Environment and Natural Resources, May 2013
Major: Forestry, Fisheries and Widlife
Specialization:  Forest Ecosystem Science

Can I print front to back?

No.  Print your resume on one side of the paper only.  Use nice resume quality paper in a cream or white color.  If you're not sure, ask a sales associate at your local office supply store for their "resume quality paper". Most often, your resume will be submitted electronically, but when attending conferences or other events where you want to physically hand someone your resume, be sure it's not on your run of the mill copier paper.

What font size should the type be and what about margins?

Font size of 11 is fairly standard.  You might use 12 if you are needing to fill space on the page.  Some fonts may be suitable at size 10.  Keep it easy for your reader.  You don't want them to have to use a magnifying glass to read about your wonderful qualities.

A few words about "fluff"...

Fluff is the official word for stuff that's not necessarily tangible.  You might read a resume that says, "passionate and dedicated worker with an excellent work ethic".  Sounds great but can you prove it?  Can you provide the employer with your "Certificate of Good Work Ethic-ness"?  Refer back to the opening sentence on this page, your resume is "a statement of facts" and although you want a potential employer to know you really are an outstanding hard worker, save these types of statements for your cover letter or letters of recommendation from previous supervisors.  They will have more impact there than on your resume.

Reference Statements

Providing a reference statement at the end of your resume, as seen in our samples, lets the reader know you're all done.  It says "The End" to your resume and that there isn't another page to follow.  The statement should read either Furnished Upon Request or See Attached. 

A resume is a summary and highlight of your education, skills and experiences presented to a potential employer. 
It is a statement of facts illustrating your knowledge, skills, and abilities.

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Sample Thank You Letter

2021 Coffey Road
Columbus, OH 43210

Mrs. Linda Smith
My Dream Job Company
300 Oak Street
Columbus, OH 43210

Dear Mrs. Smith:

Thank you for your courtesy and generous time you gave to our meeting yesterday.  I enjoyed learning more about the
remediation projects your company is working on in the Central Ohio area.  The more I heard about the work
being done by your firm, the more excited I became to relate my experiences to meet the challenges your company faces.

I wanted to take this opportunity to point out that I am registered for a wetland delineation course next semester being taught by
one of your chief scientists.  I am confident that this course will enhance my knowledge foundation in my work with wetlands.

Again, thank you for the informative interview.  It was a pleasure to meet you and your staff.  If you should require any further
information about my application materials, please contact me at 614.123.4567.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.  It
would be my pleasure to work for you and for my Dream Job Company.



Bob Roberts

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