Changes in Course Offerings

Changes in course offerings:

last update: February 1, 2018
Course #
Course Title
Details of Change
ENR 2500 Intro to EEDS

new day/time of offering:  Tues/Thurs 12:45-2:05

ENR 4800 Practical Skills for Terrestrial Ecosystem Restoration

New Course for AU18: 

Lecture: Friday 9:10-10:05

Lab: Friday 10:20-1:20

ENR 3800 Principles and Tools of Ecosystem Restoration

Time change:  Tues/Thurs 1:50-2:45


ENR 5600 Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems

 moving to Spring 2019, will not be offered in AU18

ENR 5350.01 Taxonomy and Behavior of Aquatic Invertebrates this course is now cross-listed with Entomology.  Register for ENTOMOL 5350.01
RURLSOC 5530 Sociology of Agriculture and Food Systems every other year course, will be offered AU18
ENR 5272 Turfgrass Soils

100% distance course being offered AU18

ENR 5400

NEW COURSE coming AU18, not yet on the schedule

Interventions to Promote Pro-environmental Behavior This course will build your expertise in Conservation Psychology, focusing on how psychology can be used to change behavior and encourage environmental conservation.