New & Revised ENR Courses

Take a look at these new and recently updated ENR courses that may interest you:

ENR 3800— Principles & Tools of Ecosystem Restoration, taught by Dr. G. Matt Davies. Offered Autumn semester. The new Anthropocene era brings  with it mass extinctions, climate change, and ecosystem degradation. Restoration provides us with hope for the future. We will examine the philosophical and practical basis for restoration, reviewing how decisions are made and implemented. 2 credits Prereq:  ENR 2100 or BIOLOGY 1114.

ENR 4800— Practical Skills for Terrestrial Ecosystem Restoration. Offered Autumn semester. This course develops practical skills in restoration ecology and gives the ability to implement restoration management plans. This includes invasive species control, planting native species, seed collection, soil seedbank assays, plant propagation, and ground preparation.  2 credits  Prereq:  ENR 3800.

ENR 5560— Dynamics of Ecosystem Restoration, taught by Dr. G. Matt Davies. Ecosystems undergoing restoration are dynamic and witness major changes in their species diversity, composition, and ecosystem function. This course develops an understanding of how biotic and abiotic conditions interact with management to influence ecosystems’ development.  3 credits, ENR 3800 required for Spring 2018 offering, after that both ENR 3800 and 4800 required.


last update: Jan. 19, 2018.