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Global Education

Global Education provides the opportunities to learn about cultures, histories, and environments different than your own.  The School of Environment and Natural Resources offers experiential learning opportunities in a variety of locations around the world.  Through studying abroad, you can earn academic credit through hands-on learning experiences.

ENR Global Education programs are high-impact learning opportunities that explore a variety of environmental and social issues.  For more information about ENR Global Education contact Pallavi Chandna.3

Where can you go? 

There are nearly 200 Global Education programs offered through The Office of International Affairs at Ohio State. These opportunities offer the potential to meet your specific goals, such as learning about issues impacting other nations, or in some cases, fulfilling major or minor credit hours.  To explore the possibilities, visit the Office of International Affairs Global Education webpage.  SENR offers several opportunities to explore the natural world and the global community in which we all live while earning ENR credit. Meet with your advisor to discuss where an global education program can fit into your academic plan.


School of Environment and Natural Resources Global Education programs:


Iceland: Environment and Natural Resources

Spend two weeks in June studying geology, soil, geothermic energy, agriculture, ecotourism, and Icelandic history.  This program is open to students from all majors.  Participants enroll in a pre-departure course to prepare them for the program.  For more information about Iceland: Environment and Natural Resources, read the latest Iceland student blog!

Australia: Human Impacts on the Natural Environment 

Spend the month of May in North Queensland, Australia, surveying environmental issues including water scarcity and quality, the impacts of rising ocean temperatures, wildlife conservation, and more.  Learn about conservation and restoration efforts on the Great Barrier Reef, hike in the Wet Tropics Rainforest, learn about agriculture and mining and learn about the history of Aborigianl Australians pre and post colonization.  

New Zealand: Sustainable Tourism & Human Impacts on the Environment 

Attention is paid to examining the natural and social history of New Zealand while traveling the south island in May.  The impacts of ecotourism, land use and wildlife conservation, agriculture and Maori history pre and post colonization.  


How do students pay for Global Education?

  1. The School of Environment and Natural Resources is pleased to offer financial assistance for full-time, undergraduate SENR majors to participate in OSU sponsored, credit-bearing global education programs related to the environment and sustainability. This financial assistance is meant to reduce barriers to access for those who would otherwise be unable to participate in global education opportunities.  Preference is given to students with acute financial need and limited or no international experience. Access the application HERE. 

  1. A variety of university-level grants are scholarships are available.  All SENR students who are accepted into an ENR or FAES global education program are eligible for a scholarship from the College of Food. Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences. 
  1. Financial aid can be adjusted, as well. Budget letters for your program are available through the Office of International Affairs.  Make an appointment with student financial to review your budget letter and aid package.