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Graduation Application Deadlines:

Spring Semester Deadline:  1st  Friday of previous autumn semester

Summer Semester Deadline:  1st  Friday of previous spring semester

Autumn Semester Deadline:  1st Friday of previous spring semester

Being prepared and applying early will allow you to receive Graduating Senior Priority Scheduling and it gives us plenty of time to review your record and let you know all is in order so you can proceed with the next steps you need in order to graduate when you want.

Please complete each box on the Graduation Application as instructed.  Applications that are not complete will be returned to you for completion.  It is a good idea to run a Degree Audit on your program (available on Buckeyelink) before you complete the Graduation Application.  If you have questions about your Degree Audit results, please stop by 210 Kottman.

What Happens After I Submit My Application for Graduation?

A formal audit of your academic record will be conducted once you apply to graduate to determine your graduation eligibility.  The results from this audit will be emailed to your OSU account.  The audit results will detail any remaining courses that are needed to complete your program, as well as other graduation requirements.

Please notify the Program Director of any changes you make to your schedule of classes after you have applied to graduate.    Changes that are not documented and/or verified could change your eligibility for graduation. 

A graduation related email will be sent from Renee Johnston approximately the 10th week of the semester of graduation.   It is important that you check your OSU email regularly to ensure your graduation status is on track.  The graduation email will contain important information such as:

  • Where and when commencement rehearsal will be
  • Commencement instructions
  • Your number in the ENR line-up
  • Account holds
  • Transfer credit

Checking the Name to be Used on Your Diploma

The name listed at the top of your My BuckeyeLink Page is not necessarily the name that will be used on your diploma. It is important that you double check that the name that will be printed on your diploma is correct--after all, your diploma is forever!

Click HERE to access the Request for Change of Records form to check your name and request a change if needed

University Commencement Information

It is important that you take some time to visit the University's commencement website.  This site is available beginning the third or fourth week of the term - it is filled with useful information related to commencement such as:

  • Hotel information for your out of town guests
  • Parking information
  • Commencement speaker
  • Cap and gown information

Tassel Color

You are graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environment and Natural Resources; your tassel color is blue-green.  Please visit Barnes and Noble bookstore in the Gateway to purchase your graduation tassel.   Other tassels are available in other locations, however, previous graduates have tended to prefer those from Barnes and Noble.

Honors Braids

Students graduating with any of the following honors designations will receive an honors braid to wear over their gown at commencement:

  • Research Distinction (this is non-honors, appropriate paperwork must be on file in 210 Kottman Hall)
  • Honors Research Distinction (for students that have successfully completed the honors program)
  • Latin honors (cum laude requires a 3.50 CPHR, magna cum laude requires a 3.70 CPHR, and summa cum laude requires a 3.90 CPHR)  Latin honors are based on a minimum of 60 semester hours earned at The Ohio State University.

Honors braids will be given out at rehearsal.                 

Choosing Not to Attend Commencement?

Please visit 210 Kottman Hall and complete a Commencement Ceremony Excused Form. This form will instruct the university on what to do with your diploma.