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School of Environment and Natural Resources


Presentation and Oral Defense

In addition to completing your honors thesis, you are also required to present on your research, and defend your thesis through an oral examination the semester of graduation.

Presentation: Your final presentation is open to all faculty, staff and students in the School. Presentations are typically around 15 minutes, and should discuss the research background, process, findings, etc.  Most students create a power point as a visual aid to their presentation. After the presentation, there is generally a Question/Answer period.

Oral Examination: Typically, the oral defense takes place immediately after the Q&A portion of your presentation. All audience members will leave the room except for your honors thesis committee, and they will conduct the oral examination.  Successfully completing the oral defense is what determines your eligibility to graduate with “Honors Research Distinction.”  After your honors defense, the Oral Examination Report will be completed by your honors committee, indicating the results of your defense. You are responsible for bringing this form to your defense, and once it is completed, it should be submitted to Renee Johnston in Kottman 210 (no later than 3 weeks before Commencement Day).

You may schedule a room for your honors presentation and defense by contacting the front desk in 210 Kottman Hall. If you plan to use a power point for your presentation, be sure to request a room with the proper equipment. A flyer announcing your honors presentation will be created for you, once you submit your Graduation Checklist to Renee Johnston (no later than the tenth Friday of the semester you plan to graduate).