Presenting Your Research

In addition to presenting your research to your classmates in ENR 4890H, you may want to seek further opportunities to present your research. Presenting your research will enhance your comfort level with your project, and will prepare you for your final Oral Presentation/Defense. Opportunities to present your research are available college-wide at the CFAES Undergraduate Research Forum, as well as university-wide at the OSU Denman Undergraduate Research Forum. 

The CFAES Undergraduate Research Forum provides a means for undergraduate students to share their research with members and friends of the OSU community; recognizes the significant contributions to research by OSU undergraduates; and facilitates exchange between students, faculty, and the public. Participation in this event will prepare students for the OSU Denman Undergraduate Research Forum.

The Denman Undergraduate Research Forum, now in its 20th year, is an opportunity to showcase outstanding student research, scholarship, and creative activity and encourage all undergraduates to participate in these activities to enrich their undergraduate education.

Talk to your faculty advisor about the possibility of presenting at either forum, and how to best prepare.