Your Research

Completing research is a very significant part of your Honors experience. You should be thinking about potential research projects with your faculty advisor as early as possible, but the formal process for beginning your research will not begin until the second semester of your junior year, when you will develop a research proposal in ENR 4890H -- Honors Colloquium Course. The Honors Colloquium course is required in the SENR Honors Program and is designed to be taken during the Autumn semester of your junior year.  You will create your research proposal in this course, and will finish the course with a final presentation of your research proposal. The summer going into your senior year will likely be spent conducting your research, and senior year is typically spent finishing up research, analyzing data, and writing your thesis. Remember, your research timeline may differ from your classmates' depending on the nature of your research project.

A note on funding your research: Funding opportunities may have deadlines as early as fall of your junior year, so be sure to consult with your faculty advisor early if you plan to seek out funding sources.

Examples of recent research project titles are below:

For more research titles, visit the OSU Knowledge Bank.