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Tips and Resources for Completing Your Honors Plan

Tips for completing your Honors Study Program:

  • Once you've established a faculty advisor (and submitted the Honors Faculty Advisor Form), you will work closely with them to create a program of study that is tailored to your specific interests, your area of research, and your major.
  • Complete all information requested – you may be required to run an advising report to determine your number of hours completed, your current GPA, and your grades.  Incomplete study programs will be returned.
  • Access Buckeye Link’s Course Catalog to ensure that all course numbers and credit hours are correct.   It is difficult to review a program of study that has incorrect course numbers listed.
  • Consult SENR’s Course Offerings Bulletin to find out what semester our courses are offered and how frequently. This will help you create an honors plan that can be completed in a timely manner with few revisions.
  • Reminder: A portion of your major coursework is required to be from ENR, and a portion is required to be 4000-level or above. See your major-specific honors plan for the requirements which will apply to you.   
  • Note on required "Honors" courses: University Honors does suggest that "Honors" courses be taken to remain in the program, however, the SENR Honors Program allows upper-level courses (4000-level and above) to count in place of "Honors" courses.

Resources for completing your Honors Study Program: