Educational Goals of the Forestry Curriculums

Forest Ecosystem Science & Management Curriculum -- specific educational goals

Goal 1. Students will comprehend the pertinent ecological processes that operate in forest ecosystems, and they will be able to explain the relevant energy, nutrient and hydrologic cycles at the individual plant, community, and ecosystem levels.

Goal 2. Students will comprehend and apply knowledge of social processes to forest management, and they will be able to explain economic and policy principles and employ them in forest management decision-making.

Goal 3. Students will comprehend and apply the data collection and analysis skills requisite for forest ecosystem management, including planning for and conducting inventories and analyzing the data that are the necessary inputs in the management process.

Goal 4. Students will have the entry-level knowledge and skills required to develop and execute multiple-objective management plans for private and for public forests.

Goal 5. Students will effectively communicate their knowledge, both orally and in writing, and they will be able to synthesize and present forest ecosystem science and management concepts to individuals as well as groups.


Forestry & Wildlife Curriculum -- specific educational goals:

Goal 1. Students will have the entry-level knowledge and skills they need to manage wildlife populations and habitats, and to administer public and private forest lands in a manner that ensures environmental quality.

Goal 2. Students will gain the academic foundation necessary to attain higher levels of professional employment or graduate or professional studies in forestry, wildlife, or other natural resources-related fields.

Goal 3. The program will maintain disciplinary depth by ensuring that educational requirements are met for professional certification in both forestry and wildlife.

Goal 4. We will instill the values of life-long learning, personal and professional growth, and informed participation in decision-making about environmental problems and issues that affect society.