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Adding a minor to your program gives you the opportunity to complement your major program of study, or pursue a personal interest that is not related to your major. Minors do not add significant time to your program as most of them only require 4-5 courses.
Selecting a minor that complements your major enriches your program and can add depth to your major area of study. A complementary minor can also provide a level of proficiency within a certain aspect of the field. Having this proficiency can give you a competitive edge and provides an opportunity for you to stand out among qualified applicants when competing for jobs.

Environment and Natural Resources Minors for Current OSU students
The School of Environment and Natural Resources offers six unique minors that may be added to a program of study. Click links below to explore our minors and specific course requirements.

Declaring a minor in Environment and Natural Resources
We encourage you to talk to an advisor in ENR early in your program to learn more about the minors. An advisor can help you select a minor that will compliment your career goals and provide guidance on course selection. Your home college office or an ENR advisor can add an ENR minor to your academic record.  Once your minor is officially declared, you will be able to track your progress using your degree audit.  
Some units require additional verification of the completion of the minor before graduating. This documentation identifies the courses in the minor program. Students completing an ENR minor should complete and print the Minor Program Form and schedule an appointment with an ENR advisor to get approval.  Appointments can be scheduled by calling the SENR office at 614.292.2265 or by contacting us.

Minors for Environment and Natural Resources students
ENR students have the ability to add a minor to their major program. We encourage you to consult with the unit offering the minor for the most up to date information on course requirements.  
Once you have selected a minor, please complete and submit the Intent to Minor form to 210 Kottman Hall.  When the form is received the minor will be added to your academic record. Submit documentation verifying that you have successfully completed the minor when you apply for graduation. If your minor runs fully complete on your degree audit, that is also accepted as verification.  Contact your Academic Advisor with questions or for more information.