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School of Environment and Natural Resources



Liam Nigro

Peer Mentor President SLB1
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Major: Environment, Economy, Development, and Sustainability (EEDS)
Specialization: Sustainability and Business 

Career Interests: I find purpose through working with others and being outdoors. I hope to work with a business that strives to promote environmental stewardship and activism. 

Favorite Part of SENR/OSU: Throughout the last two months of being a student in the School of Environment and Natural Resources, the community and friendliness of the school is the most underlining and positive aspects of the school. OSU, one of the largest campuses in North America makes you feel like a very very small fish in a very large Ohioan pond. Yet, within SENR, I feel the close-knit community and care of a small university. I am able to walk around the Library for SENR after only two months of being here and spot several people that I know and sit with them. Additionally, everyone in SENR has been the friendliest people that I have met on campus. When I have a question about where to go or a recommendation on a random matter they are always willing to help with a big smile! Finally, the teacher, advisors, and staff in SENR really have your best interest in mind and want you to achieve your fullest potential. All the faculty give me great 1-on-1 time and are always available to make time to meet.

Internship Experience: Last summer, I worked at an experiential youth outdoor camp in Telluride, Colorado. At Telluride Academy, I worked as an intern and instructor facilitating educational experiences for groups of students through environmental education, ecological exploration, kayaking, rock climbing, and backpacking in the San Juan Mountains. My experience highlighted my interest to work in a mission-based business and taught me self-reliance.

Other Campus Involvements: 

  • Student Research Assistant with Jay Martin
  • Mountaineers Club
  • Net Impact
  • Arouse at OSU


Julia O’Donnell

SENR Ambassador PresidentPortrait of Austin Kramer
Hometown: Cleveland Heights, Ohio
Major: Environmental Policy and Decision Making (EPDM)
Specialization: Policy and Governance
Minor: Nonprofit Management

Career Interests: Upon graduation in Spring 2023, I hope to go into corporate environment, social, and governance (ESG) work and help to make corporations more sustainable and aware of their impact on climate change. After working for a few years, I hope to go back to school for a master’s degree in sustainability.

Favorite part of SENR/OSU: My favorite part of Ohio State is the diversity of backgrounds and interests of the students. Over my time here I have met so many people that want to do amazing things to change the world, and I really don’t think that can be underestimated. Being surrounded by people who are passionate about how they want to impact the world is a really cool thing.

Internship/Research Experiences: In Summer 2021, I worked at an environmental nonprofit called Seaside Sustainability. Through my virtual internship, I conducted research, created educational videos, and helped to write curriculum on pro-environmental behaviors and professional development for K-12 students.

In Summer 2022, I worked as an ESG & Stakeholder Engagement Intern at Marathon Petroleum Corporation in Findlay, OH. As an intern I conducted research on industry peers’ sustainability efforts, collaborated with the graphics team to make sustainability materials for the public, and helped to gather baseline data on feedstock suppliers for renewable diesel. My time at Marathon sent me on the career path I am on now, and I look forward to a career in ESG!

Campus Involvements:

  • SENR Ambassador Co-President
  • Delta Delta Delta
  • Buckeyethon


Gwendolyn Stamper

SENR Ambassador PresidentPortrait of Gwen
Hometown: Kettering, Ohio
Major: Forestry, Fisheries, and Wildlife, German (double major)
Specialization: Wildlife and Fisheries

Career Interests: Following graduation, I am most interested in environmental advocacy and education. I thoroughly enjoy working outside and working with people, so I'm hoping to bring those two together by spreading my passion for protecting the natural world. Furthermore, I'm interested in learning more about German sustainability practices and am considering pursuing a Master's degree there.

Favorite Part of SENR/OSU: My favorite aspect of SENR is the community it fosters. Through the ENR Scholars program I’ve met so many incredible people and formed close friendships that I don’t know what I would do without. I always look forward to connecting with students and faculty within SENR because of how passionate and welcoming every individual is. The SENR community truly feels like a home within the huge world of Ohio State.

Internship/Research Experience: 

I am a research aid with the Strange Bumble Bee Lab here at Ohio State. I first worked here full-time during the summer of 2021 and now work part-time during the school year. I assist graduate entomology students with a variety of projects. These include analyzing bumble bee population gene flow across an urban to rural gradient and studying pathogens that infect the guts of bumble bees. I absolutely love this job! My favorite parts are collecting bumble bee samples in the field and doing bee dissections at the lab. Through this position I am gaining invaluable research experience that I look forward to applying to my future career.

This past summer of 2022, I completed a 12 week internship with the Ohio Division of Wildlife's Olentangy Research Station. I got to assist with a variety of wildlife biology research projects. This included snake surveys, pollinator surveys, Lake Erie colonial waterbird nest counts, roadside quail surveys, and much more. I also really enjoyed working during the Ohio Fair at the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Park. This position really gave me a good idea of what work as a full-time researcher looks like.

Other Campus Involvements: 

  • Bumble Bee Research Assistant
  • German Ambassadors
  • German Club


Lead Peer Mentors:

Anna Rose

Lead Peer MentorPortrait of Anna Haught
Hometown: Worthington, Ohio
Major: Forestry, Fisheries, and Wildlife

Career Interests:My future career plan is to become a field ornithologist. More specifically, I am interested in the migrational patterns of birds as well as protection of their breeding and stopover habitat. 

Favorite Part of SENR/OSU: My favorite aspect of the School of Environment and Natural Resources is the community and sense of welcome. My best example of this comes from all of the time I spend in Kottman Hall. Even if I only study there for a few hours I will see many friends from SENR and even in my major that greet me. I find it astounding and comforting that even in a school as large as Ohio State, I can see friends and make new ones every day in SENR. The smaller size of the school means that it is easy to get to know a wide number of new and exciting people, and the similarities in passion allow me to create tight-knit bonds with others. This is my very favorite aspect about my school.

Research Experience: My research began two years ago when I built an Eastern Bluebird Nest box Trail at the Brookside Golf-course here in Columbus. Every summer, I manage the condition of the nest boxes as well as observe and record the nesting behaviors of Ohio's cavity nesting bird species.I gained skills in self-motivation and dedication and the best part of the project is getting to see young bluebirds that I helped raise mature, fledge, and return to nest again the following year. 

Other Campus Involvements: 

  • Ornithology Club
  • Volunteer for “Lights OUT!”
  • Students for Recycling
  • Meteorology Club


Eve KaufmanEvan

SENR Ambassador and Lead Peer Mentor
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio 
Major: Natural Resource Management
Specialization: Natural Resource Administration and Management
Minor: Heath, Risk, and Environmental Communications

Career Interests: After graduation in the spring, I'd like to go work for a public lands agency as a seasonal employee. I'd like to take the opportunity to live and work in a national park before I start grad school. For my master's degree, I would either like to pursue an environmental science degree or a sustainable business degree

Favorite Part of SENR/OSU: My favorite part of SENR is how tight knit the community is here. In every school sponsored event I've been too the faculty, staff, and fellow students have been so kind and welcoming.

Internship Experience: This summer I completed an internship within the Gunnison National Forest as a field ranger in their recreation crew. While this position was through the Forest Service, my funding came through the Student Conservation Association. My time in Colorado was amazing and I learned a lot about working for a public land agency.

Other Campus Involvements: I am involved in SENR as a peer mentor and ambassador, I also have worked as an undergraduate researcher in the Environmental Behavior Change Research group for the last three years. Outside of SENR I am a member of the Mountaineers club and the Dementia Project, which is a club that hosts music therapy events for dementia patients.


Alexandra HaritosPortrait of Anna Martin

SENR Student Ambassador and Lead Peer Mentor
Hometown: Hilliard, OH
Major: Environmental Science
Specalization: Water Science

Career Interests: I hope to work for the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) after I graduate. Also, I want to pursue a Master's in Water Issues or Water Security. I am a water person!

Favorite Part of SENR/OSU: I love the SENR community we have built. Everyone has made our school feel like home and I do not feel like a number which was a fear I had when coming into OSU.

Internship Experience: Last year (May-Dec) I worked with OEPA in the Division of Drinking and Ground Waters (DDAGW) in the Information Management Section doing Lead and Copper outreach. This summer I worked in DDAGW again but for the Emerging Contaminants Section doing Harmful Algal Bloom training and PFAS training and data management.

Other Campus Involvements:

  • Society of Ecological Restoration
  • Sigma Epsilon Phi
  • Choose Ohio First Scholar