Environment, Economy, Development, Sustainability Majors

Elena Musser

SENR AmbassadorSLB1
Hometown: Pomeroy, OH
Major: Environment, Economy, Development, and Sustainability (EEDS)
Specalization: International Development

Future Career Plans: I hope to go into the Peace Corps and eventually work on community-based development projects in various regions of the world.

Favorite Part of SENR/OSU: I have met so many people that really make my life better, both within SENR and at OSU in general. Some of my friends and SENR peers have really helped me become more conscious of how all of my decisions impact the environment, for which I am eternally grateful.

Research: Beginning to work with Dr. Cathy Rakowski on a currently undetermined honors research project. It's really wonderful to get to work with such a passionate and knowledgeable person with common academic interests on my thesis. I am looking forward to conducting my research with her.

Education Abroad: I was a participant in the 2018 Sustainable and Resilient Tanzanian Community (SRTC) education abroad program and truly had a transformative experience. I learned so much about development, gained lifelong friends, and was able to look firsthand at a truly beautiful way of life that was previously unfamiliar to me. All of the participants worked on specific projects for the entire semester leading up to the trip, and then we essentially "worked" while in country, which was valuable in itself.

Other Campus Involvements: 

  • Off The Lake Productions member
  • STEP
  • SENR Honors Program
  • Department of Theatre productions
  • Newman Center Weekly Choir
  • Mountaineers at Ohio State Member