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Environmental Science Majors

Alex Poling

SENR Student Ambassador and Peer MentorPortrait of Anna Martin
Hometown: Deerfield Township, Warren County, Ohio
Major: Environmental Science
Specalization: Ecosystem Restoration
Minor: Professional Writing

Future Career Plans: I have no idea because I'm interested in too many things around the environment and sustainability

Favorite Part of SENR/OSU: I love having SENR as a place where lots of people that care about sustainability and the environment come together hoping to make the world a better place.

Other Campus Involvements:

  • Vice Chair of Capital Planning in Undergraduate Student Government
  • Vice President of the Environmental Sustainability Magazine

Alexandra Haritos

SENR Student Ambassador and Peer MentorPortrait of Anna Martin
Hometown: Hilliard, OH
Major: Environmental Science
Specalization: Water Science

Future Career Plans: I plan on working for the Ohio EPA after I graduate. Also, I want get my Master's from Ohio State in Environmental Science, specifically Water Issues. I am a water person!

Favorite Part of SENR/OSU: My favorite aspect of SENR is the community we have built even through a pandemic. Everyone has made our school feel like a family

Internship Experience: Current College Intern for the Ohio EPA in the Division of Drinking and Ground Waters (DDAGW). In this position I hope to gain field experience and further my knowledge on the different programs within the DDAGW and some of their responsibilities as well as the requirements for Lead and Copper monitoring/reporting for public water systems in Ohio.

Other Campus Involvements:

  • Society of Ecological Restoration
  • Sigma Epsilon Phi
  • Choose Ohio First Scholar

Ben Phillips

SENR AmbassadorPortrait of Anna Martin
Hometown: Zanesville, OH
Major: Environmental Science

Future Career Plans: I plan on graduating from OSU with a degree in environmental science while specializing in water science and becoming an environmental scientist. 

Favorite Part of SENR/OSU: My favorite aspect of SENR is how close-knit the department is. Almost everyone has had at least one class together and is very comfortable with the other students in the department. If asked for help anyone in SENR will be glad to assist you, especially the professors. All SENR students are passionate about their majors and eager to participate and learn whenever they can. I have met many SENR students through classes and clubs, and I feel a connection with every person I have met so far. I can almost guarantee that no other department given students the same feeling that SENR gives it students, and that is why I enjoy the department so much.

Internship Experience: I am currently an intern for the Muskingum County Soil and Water Conservation District. So far I have enjoyed every second of my internship, and I have learned valuable information about working as a team on a collective goal, growing and maintaining pollinator plants, and creating educational, environmental material for future generations. As the internship continues I will begin to participate in water sampling and soil testing, but so far I have enjoyed my internship immensely. 

Other Campus Involvements:

  • Terraqua Club
  • Society for Ecological Restoration
  • CFAES Learning Community
  • Alpha Phi Omega

Dani Alabyadh

SENR Ambassador and Peer MentorPortrait of Anna Martin
Hometown: Tarout Island, Saudi Arabia
Major: Environmental Science
Specalization: Ecosystem Restoration

Future Career Plans: I plan to go to graduate school to research species interactions and ecosystem function of coastal wetlands and mangrove forests 

Favorite Part of SENR/OSU: I really love the sense of community within SENR, everyone is friendly towards each other and I think it’s what makes SENR unique amongst all the other schools at Ohio State. It is very easy to reach out to others and connect to fellow undergrads, graduate students, professors, and staff here at SENR. I also really love the fact that it is very easy to look out for many opportunities at SENR, both on-campus and off-campus, as everyone at the school is always willing to help.

Research Experience: I’m currently doing research on plant-microbe-insect interactions as a member of Bennett Lab in the Department of Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology. My favorite aspect about research is the different learning experiences that I’m getting out of it and the teamwork that is involved in the process. 

Other Campus Involvements:

  • Engineers for a Sustainable World
  • Society of Ecological Restoration
  • AdoptA-School

Kendyl Trem

SENR Student Ambassador and Peer MentorPortrait of Anna Martin
Hometown: Aurora, OH
Major: Environmental Science
Specalization: Water Science
Minor: Ecology and Evolution, and Spanish

Future Career Plans: I have a lot of options that I am considering— and that is the beauty of an Environmental Science major, there are so many routes to choose from. The first thing I am considering doing is going to get my master's in Marine Biology!! I am also considering law school for environmental law, or vet school to pursue marine veterinary sciences.

Favorite Part of SENR/OSU: My favorite aspect of SENR is the tight community we all share. I know this is a cliche, but being in SENR at OSU really makes a big school feel small, and that’s why I love SENR. There are so many opportunities and everyone is always there to help you.

Other Campus Involvements:

  • Campus Cleanup Crew
  • Sierra club at OSU
  • TerrAqua