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School of Environment and Natural Resources


Environmental Science Majors

Kaleigh Erxleben

SENR AmbassadorPortrait of Anna Martin
Hometown: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Major: Environmental Science
Specialization: Ecosystem Restoration

Career Interests: My future career goals include working for the EPA and/or doing some type of field research/restoration. I am currently applying for EPA internships as well as internships with the Forest Service. 

Favorite part of SENR/OSU: My favorite aspect of SENR is how close-knit the community is. Everyone in SENR is proud and excited to be a part of it. I have made long-lasting friendships as I continue my degree and get involved with other sustainability groups on campus. 

Campus Involvements:

  • Sierra Club at OSU
  • Member Services Assistant at the RPAC


Shefali Sinha

SENR AmbassadorPortrait of Anna Martin
Hometown: Lewis Center, OH
Major: Environmental Science

Career Interests: I want to get into research and outreach/education involving conservation and environmental justice.

Favorite Part of SENR/OSU: My favorite part of SENR and OSU is the community. People are so kind and are always cheering you on even if they are pursuing something completely different.

Internship/Research Experience: I have been a research assistant for Professor Coronel since fall semester of 2022. We are currently working on a research project involving political opinions and eye tracking. I gained a lot of softer skills, such as working with participants in a professional manner and how to collect good data involving observations. I absolutely love running the participants because we get to use the eye-tracking machine which is so cool!

Other Campus Involvements:

  • International Affairs Scholars
  • OSU PenPals

Lydia Schiopota

SENR AmbassadorPortrait of Anna Martin
Hometown: Aurora, Ohio
Major: Environmental Science
Specialization: Water Science

Career Interests:  I aspire to be a professor so upon graduating, I hope to be accepted into a Ph.D. program. Right now I am looking at watershed and wetland internship positions for the summer as well as looking for water-related research opportunities on campus for coming semesters. 

Favorite Part of SENR/OSU: My favorite aspect about OSU and specifically SENR is the people! Everyone is so welcoming and helpful and wanting to give you every resource for you to be successful and make important connections. 

Internship/Research Experiences: I am currently in the process of planning a study abroad trip to Cork, Ireland for the fall semester of my junior year. 

Other Campus Involvements:

  • Environment and Natural Resource Scholars

  • Cultivating Change

  • Society for Ecological Restoration


Isabella Johns

SENR AmbassadorPortrait of Anna Martin
Hometown: Mason, Ohio
Major: Environmental Science
Specialization: Molecular Science

Career Interests: The community, everyone has the same goal to help the natural world  

Favorite Part of SENR/OSU: I really love the sense of community within SENR, everyone is friendly and passionate about what they are doing and I think it’s what makes SENR unique. It’s very easy to reach out to others and connect with both undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty members and staff here in SENR. I also love how well-established the programs are, there’s an opportunity for everyone in all aspects of environmental science and sustainability.

Other Campus Involvements:

  • Secretary of the Ohio State Waterski Team
  • Waterski club committee member




Julia Slabe

SENR AmbassadorPortrait of Anna Martin
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Major: Environmental Science
Specialization: Water Science

Career Interests: I am thinking about having a career in a Pre-Health field and also considering other scientific fields related to environmental science! 

Favorite Part of SENR/OSU: My favorite aspect of OSU is how easy it is to make friends and meet new people.

Other Campus Involvements:

  • Club Swimming
  • 4 Paws for Ability
  • Under the Sea Marine Conservation Club
  • Habitat for Humanity


Aidan Johnson

SENR Student AmbassadorPortrait of Landon Chase
Hometown: Loveland, Ohio
Major: Environmental Science
Specialization: Ecosystem Restoration

Career Interests: I am applying to work for local or state government departments including an Ohio Conservation District and the Kentucky EEC. I hope to do ecological research or restoration work as a career. 

Favorite part of SENR/OSU: I love SENR's shared respect and enthusiasm for the natural world. 

Campus Involvements:

  • Ohio State CRU