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School of Environment and Natural Resources


Environmental Policy and Decision Making Ambassadors

Reagan Dewey

SENR AmbassadorPortrait of Austin Kramer
Hometown: Springfield, Ohio
Major: Environmental Policy and Decision Making (EPDM)
Specialization: Environmental and Social Justice

Career Interests: My future career plans and goals are to continue interning after this summer, graduate in the December of 2024, and complete another spring and summer internship before law school! I'm staying open to different options and paths throughout undergrad and law school but my plan is to pursue environmental law.

Favorite part of SENR/OSU: I love how everyone in SENR is brought together by similar interests, and it feels like such a close community in the midst of being at such a big school.

Internship/Research Experiences: In high school I participated in a STEM-focused trip oriented around sustainability practices in Germany and Switzerland. I was introduced the science of climate change,  solar power, public transportation, recycling, shared power, and social responsibility in a way I had never seen before; in practice, widely adopted and successfully implemented. This experience played a large role in determining that I wanted to study an environmental major in college, and much about what I learned regarding sustainability and climate change has stuck with me even now!

Other Campus Involvements:

  • Member of Phi Alpha Delta, OSU's pre-law fraternity
  • Fundraising chair and co-social media chair on the Ohio State University Western Equestrian Team

Skyler Goody

Skyler GoodySENR Ambassador
Hometown: Chillicothe, Ohio
Major: Environmental Policy and Decision Making (EPDM)
Specialization: EPDM Honors Research Track

Career InterestsI’m very on the fence about my future career right now but I love rural areas and small towns, local government, and regional entities! It’s very gratifying to be able to see changes you contributed to in a community. 

Favorite part of SENR/OSU: The people in SENR are great to be around! It’s really nice going to class and seeing so many familiar faces every semester, even though OSU is so big.

Internship/Research Experiences: This summer I was placed with a host community through Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission to work in a local community and learn how they can work with regional entities, expand and create services, and make changes at the local level. I really enjoyed working with this community and playing a part in their development! 

Other Campus Involvements:

  • Food Recovery Network
  • Community of Appalachian Student Leaders
  • Honors undergraduate research thesis 

Alex Poling

APSENR Ambassador
Hometown: Warren County, Ohio
Major: Environmental Policy and Decision Making (EPDM)
Specialization: Communication and Behavior Change

Minor: Professional Writing 

Career InterestsI'm hoping to go into environmental/science communications! There are a lot of options within that, but I'm broadly interested in making science and environmental information more accessible to everyone.

Favorite part of SENR/OSU: Meeting and working with a wide variety of people who are all passionate about the environment.

Internship Experience: I did an internship last year with the Knowledge Exchange within the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences. In that role, I wrote articles about research coming out of the College for general audiences. The topics I covered included bees, green infrastructure, soil health, environmental sociology, and more.

Other Campus Involvements:

  • Undergraduate Student Government - Speaker of the 56th General Assembly
  • Buckeyes for Accessibility - Treasurer

Maya Reynolds

Portrait of WomanSENR Ambassador
Hometown: Dayton, Ohio
Major: Environmental Policy and Decision Making (EPDM)
Specialization: Communication and Behavior Change

Career InterestsI am very interested in learning ways to mobilize groups to engage in pro-environmental behaviors. In the future, I hope to work directly with communities to solve local environmental issues and communicate these solutions to broader audiences to inspire even bigger change. 

Favorite part of SENR/OSU: SENR is so welcoming! We are a small school, so it's easy to feel the love when everyone is rooting for each other.

Internship Experience: I had two internships this past summer. I worked in the Division of Environmental Response and Revitalization at the Ohio EPA where I primarily archived historical files from various programs in the division, like the Voluntary Action Program (VAP). I also worked for an environmental nonprofit called REVERB, which promotes and advances sustainable practices in the music industry. 

Other Campus Involvements:

  • Ohio Union Resource Room Employee