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School of Environment and Natural Resources


Natural Resource Management Majors

Ansley Watkins

SENR AmbassadorPortrait of Anna Haught
Hometown: Mableton, GA
Major: Natural Resource Management
Specalization: Administration and Management
Minor: Community Outreach and Education

Future Career Plans: After graduation, I would like to complete a fellowship or stint in the Peace Corps before continuing on to graduate school.I want to work combining conservation and education and am especially interested in working outside of the United States or having a significant international portion to a job stateside. 

Favorite Part of SENR/OSU: My favorite part about SENR is learning about topics in class and then being able to recognize those items later on and apply what I have learned to different situations.

Employement Experience: In the summer of 2019, I worked at Indiana Dunes National Park. I created a series of maps showing bee species distribution throughout the Great Lakes Basin and also did some surveying within the park itself. One of my favorite parts of my job was getting to see how different federal agencies collaborate under a common goal, and I also enjoyed learning about different aspects of the National Park Service that are not commonly seen from a visitor standpoint. 

Other Campus Involvements: 

  • Morrill Scholars Program
  • Buckeye Leadership Fellows
  • ENR Scholars
  • LSAMP (Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation)
  • Undergraduate Student Government

Dani Hutchison

SENR Ambassador and Peer MentorPortrait of Anna Haught
Hometown: Lewis Center, Ohio
Major: Natural Resource Management
Specalization: Parks and Recreation

Future Career Plans: Work with public agencies to conserve and manage our natural resources, focusing on improving the accessibility of outdoor recreation.

Favorite Part of SENR/OSU: My favorite aspect of SENR is universal passion that permeates the culture of its students and faculty. There is such a strong community bounded by a common love for the earth, and I feel it every time I step foot on West Campus. Every individual I have met in SENR has a palpable desire to affect positive change, and which is a powerful and inspiring energy to be surrounded by.

Internship Experience: I’ve been working as a stream ecology field technician for over two years conducting research on the effects of agricultural conservation practices on aquatic biota in headwater streams. Through this internship I have done two independent research projects studying snake sampling techniques. I have also spent a six month AmeriCorps term as a Chainsaw Crew Member with the eastern branch of the American Conservation Experience, serving and conserving our natural and cultural resources on public lands across the eastern United States. The latter three months of this term were spent as an Assistant Team Lead in Great Smoky Mountains national park, performing trail maintenance.

Other Campus Involvements: 

  • ENR Scholars
  • College Mentors for Kids
  • OSU Community Orchestra

Eve KaufmanEvan

SENR Ambassador and Peer Mentor
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio 
Major: Natural Resource Management
Specialization: Natural Resource Administration and Management
Minor: Heath, Risk, and Environmental Communications

Future Career Plans: After completing my undergraduate degree I plan to continue my education in graduate school.

Favorite Part of SENR/OSU: All of the organized activists for students in the college, such as group hikes and the Back to School Bash.

Research Experience: I’ve had two very different research experiences, both of which I’ve really enjoyed. I’m currently working with SENRs environmental behavior change research group and the other in a microbiology lab at the holden arboretum in Cleveland. Both these opportunities have given me great experience and opportunities to pursue my own academic interests. My favorite part of both experiences was getting to meet so many cool people in the field!

Other Campus Involvements: 

  • The Dementia Project
  • Society for Ecological Restoration
  • Bob Ross Paint Club

Serena Contreras

Peer MentorPortrait of Anna Haught
Hometown: Sheffield Lake, OH
Major: Natural Resource Management
Specalization: Parks and Recreation Management

Future Career Plans: Hope to be in the field of environmental education or potentially wilderness search and rescue.

Favorite Part of SENR/OSU: My favorite part about SENR is learning about topics in class and then being able to recognize those items later on and apply what I have learned to different situations.

Other Campus Involvements: 

  • Society of Ecological Restoration
  • Parks and Recreation Society
  • LGBTQ+ at Ohio State