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                 Getting involved in student organizations in the School of Environment and Natural Resources and others related to environmental issues at the university is a great way to meet peers who have the same passion and focus as you - and it is a great way to build your resume.  More than 70% of the students who receive job offers before graduation have been involved in a student organization directly related to their major. 

Employers view your participation in clubs and organizations as a sign of dedication and passion in your career field.  Consider your participation in an academic / major related student organization to be just like any other class.  Become an active participant and take on a leadership role - it is an excellent addition to your resume.

Animal Welfare and Behavior Club
To educate and promote animal welfare science to the University and greater community.

Bass Fishing Club
The purpose of the Bass Fishing Club of OSU is to bring students together to enjoy the sport of bass fishing.

Bee Club
To raise awareness and teach Ohio State students of the importance of bees in the environment, as well as the integral role honey bees plau in the food industry.

Best Food Forward
Our mission is to combat food insecurity and foster community engagement by organizing bulk produce purchasing within the Ohio State community.

Bike Club
Bike Club is committed to 1) encouraging the campus community to ride bikes for fun and/or for commuting; 2) educate cyclists on bicycle maintenance and road safety; 3) making the university district more bike-friendly.

Bioethics Society
The purpose of The Bioethics Society is to expose The Ohio State University students, faculty, and staff, to issues in bioethics, including, but not limited to, biomedical ethics, environmental ethics, and global health ethics.

Buckeye Current
An electric motorcycle racing team at OSU with a vision to enhance the development of electric vehicle technology and allow students to be apart of a professional racing team.

Buckeye Food Alliance
Understanding the impact of hunger on educational achievement, we provide access to healthy food to the Ohio State community in order to reduce food insecurity.

Buckeye Precious Plastic
Reducing plastic waste by boosting recycling, creating recycled products, and promoting a zero-waste lifestyle. We feel there is a lack of recycling knowledge at OSU, specifically about the current impact of and alternatives to single-use plastic, and we want to rectify this problem.

Buckeye Solar Racing
Buckeye Solar Racing is a student-run organization that designs, builds, and races solar electric vehicles. Our goal is to provide students an opportunity to gain hands-on experience with real-world engineering applications, project management exposure, and business expertise.

Carbon Capture Club
Researching and developing Carbon Net Negative technologies and systems to help fight back against global warming. For those interested in this technical aspect, our organization has an officially registered student team for the $100M XPRIZE Carbon Removal Competition funded by Elon Musk, which is open to any interested undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty.

Chrysalis - Collective of Undergraduate Entomologists
Chrysalis is for OSU undergraduates who are enthusiastic about entomology and want to participate in activities related to entomology -- including going on collecting trips, discussing topics in entomology, and learning how to pin and identify insects.

College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences Student Council
The purpose of this organization is to communicate the interests of students in the College concerning campus affairs and policies to the University community, to sponsor activities of the College and School, and to project a professional image of modern agriculture and natural resources.

Collegiate 4-H at The Ohio State University
The purpose of Collegiate 4-H is to maintain and increase interest in 4-H and to provide opportunities to develop leadership, wholesome recreation and service of all sorts. 

Crops and Soils Club
Promoting interest in crops and soils and the agriculture industry.

Cultivate Columbus
The purpose of this Community Garden Club is to connect Ohio State students and the larger Columbus community with the resources to start and maintain sustainable, organic community gardens using the Columbus land bank program.

Ducks Unlimited
Participate and volunteer in an organization designed to conserve, restore and manage wetlands and associated habitats for North America's waterfowl in order to benefit both wildlife and people.

EcoCAR Challenge Team
The EcoCAR Team at the Ohio State University is a group of undergraduate and graduate students who convert a GM donated vehicle into a hybrid-electric vehicle in order compete with other universities throughout North America in an annual EcoCAR Challenge competition. 

Eco-Peace is an Ohio State club that represents the standard of excellence that students feel toward the love of the Earth and their campus. Our mission is to work towards a greener OSU through clean-ups, sustainability practices, and environmental social encouragement.

Energy and Environmental Law Society
Promoting awareness of legal, policy, and regulatory issues that affect the environment, our natural resources, our energy systems, and their legal and social implications.

Engineers for a Sustainable World
Engineers for a Sustainable World seeks a world in which engineering fosters environmental, social, and economic sustainability to improve both the quality of life and the condition of our planet.

Engineers Without Borders- OSU
Engineers Without Borders (EWB) is an international organization that applies engineering solutions to aid in the development of underprivileged communities both internationally and locally.

Fish and Wildlife Society
The mission of the Student Chapter of the Fish and Wildlife Societies at The Ohio State University is to increase wildlife awareness at Ohio State.

Food Recovery Network
Food Recovery Network aims to unite OSU students to recover the surplus, unsold food from campus dining halls, local farms, and local businesses to donate to food banks and charities around Columbus.

Forestry Forum
To strengthen forestry professional skills and increase student exposure to education and employment opportunities in the forestry sector.

Garden Club
Spreading the fun hobby of gardening and other plant related hobbies, providing students with new plants and gardening materials, and exploring nature, local plant shops, arboretums, and greenhouses.

GIVE's mission is to inspire growth, empower global citizens, and ignite sustainable change worldwide by raising funds to support volunteers and our overseas projects, supporting volunteers before and after their trips, and completing service projects in the Columbus area.

Human-Animal Interactions Club
The purpose of this club is to enlighten people about the complex and varying relationships that exist between humans and animals under the topics of Conservation, Animal Welfare and Behavior, Therapy Animals, and Companion Animals.

Know Food Waste
Educating the The Ohio State University community on food waste and providing the community with the “know-hows” for reducing and re-purposing research-driven and personal food waste in the academic setting. 

Mountaineers at Ohio State
Mountaineers at Ohio State seeks to provide all levels of outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to meet and pool their combined knowledge, experience, and camaraderie for everyone to enjoy.

Multicultural Students in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences
MANRRS seeks to develop leaders in agricultural and environmental sciences, encourage academic achievement and excellence, increase the number of under-represented students studying in agricultural and environmental sciences, aid in placement into related professions.

Net Impact
The purpose of Net Impact is to introduce our members to the many areas of sustainability, facilitate professional development, and provide real sustainability project experience.

Nourish International
Through innovative social entrepreneurship on campus, Nourish International gives students the tools to support the Columbus community by fundraising throughout the year and volunteering with the Charles Madison Nabrit Memorial Garden in order to make a lasting impact on food inequality.

Ornithology Club
The Ornithology Club at OSU provides an opportunity for students to pursue their interest in birds and birdwatching, while also allowing students to network with graduate students and faculty to earn research opportunities in ornithology, if desired.

OSU USG Sustainability Committee
This sect of USG is committed to making the entire Ohio State community a sustainable entity through the implementation of projects, policies, and educational initiatives.

Parks and Recreation Society
We are students interested in outdoor adventure, environmental education, park administration, community recreation, tourism planning and development and all things related to parks, recreation and outdoorsmanship.

Professional Land Surveyors of Ohio Student Chapter
This organization was formed to protect and benefit the general public through the development of principles of practice, and promotion of the advancement of professional surveying.

Protection and Awareness of Endangered Species
To protect the remaining populations of endangered species by adopting animals through larger organizations, fundraising, and raising awareness of these endangered species and how to combat causes for their endangerment.

Simply Green
Creating a larger awareness on composting and sustainability at an individual and larger level. This includes but is not limited to, education on sustainability, the environment, energy, recycling, composting, and keeping the earth healthy and clean, with a specific focus being OSU's campus. 

Society for Ecological Restoration
The Society for Ecological Restoration engages in hands-on restoration projects, discusses controversial conservation topics, and holds public outreach events.

Solar Education & Outreach
We strive to educate ourselves, our fellow students, and the community about green energy technology and initiatives emerging in the world while applying engineering and problem solving to address problems in the local and international community.

Student Farm/Student Growing Collaborative
This group will serve as the student face and organizational foundation of Ohio State's student farm, making decisions related to farm leadership, management, and mission, while also connecting and supporting other sustainable agriculture initiatives across campus.

Students Advocating for Food Equity
Addressing and taking action against food inequity in the sorrounding community through service, education, and advocacy.

Students for Recycling
The purpose of Students for Recycling to build a coalition of student organizations to promote recycling, to raise awareness about recycling on campus, to raise money to assist the already established Ohio State Recycling Program, and to provide education on the impact of waste disposal.

Students for Sustainable Resilient Communities
The purpose of Students for Sustainable Resilient Communities is to allow for increased student driven involvement to the projects of the existing Sustainable Resilient Communities (SRC) program. 

Sustainability in Medicine
Given the growing impact of climate change on human health and the tremendous size of the healthcare industry, Sustainability in Medicine is dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of the Wexner Medical Center and College of Medicine directly through sustainable initiatives and indirectly through education on sustainable personal practices.

We are a natural resources based club with an emphasis on the conservation, care, and enjoyment of the aquatic and terrestrial environments.

The Sierra Club Student Coalition
The Sierra Student Coalition works to bring the mission of the Sierra Club: "Explore, Enjoy, and Protect the Planet" to our campus by exploring today's environmental questions through educational events, enjoying the natural world through outings, and pursuing protection of our planet through service and environmental advocacy. 

The Plant-Based Society
Our goal as the Plant-Based Society is to bring together all individuals currently practicing or interested in practicing any variation of a plant-based diet. This is included but not limited to vegans, vegetarians, ova-vegetarians, lacto-vegetarians, pescetarians, or even those just interested in learning more. 

Time for Change
Time for Change aims to transform The Ohio State University into a model of modern global citizenship by mobilizing the community to actively participate in environmental stewardship and compassionate social responsibility. Our organization will achieve this through our annual Time for Change Week event.

Under the Sea: Marine Biology
Under the S.E.A. wishes to create awareness and interest in marine biology through education, service, and hands-on experience. We focus on marine conservation, climate change, and the enjoyment of the ocean.

Wildlife Disease Association
Inquiring and educating about the health of wildlife in relation to people, the planet, and animals as well as collaborate with interdisciplinary fields to advance knowledge and conserve species.

Zoology Club
The Zoology Club will provide students with a forum to discuss career information and research opportunities/experiences, provide hands-on volunteer opportunities, and develop social and professional networks among the students, faculty, and staff at The Ohio State University.

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