Take A Professor to Lunch

Take a Professor to Lunch

Making connections with world-class faculty members is one of the great benefits of being a student in the School of Environment and Natural Resources at The Ohio State University.  To provide our students the opportunity to interact with a professor outside the classroom, we are offering a new program that gives you the chance take a faculty member out for a meal…compliments of the School!

This is a student initiated program.  An undergraduate student who has declared a major in the School of Environment and Natural Resources may invite an SENR faculty member/instructor to lunch and request meal cards from the School to cover the meal. Take this opportunity to get to know your faculty mentor, a favorite teacher, or a professor who is doing interesting research.  You might come away inspired!

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Follow these guidelines to participate in the program:

  1. You must be a student pursuing an undergraduate degree in one of the five School of Environment and Natural Resources majors.
  2. Students may request meal cards once per semester. Invite a School of Environment and Natural Resources faculty member to lunch and confirm a date and time that you will meet.  This date must be finalized before completing the application.  
  3. The faculty member/instructor must hold an appointment in the School of Environment and Natural Resources or serve as an EEDS faculty mentor and cannot be a graduate student. To see the list of SENR faculty, click HERE. To see the list of SENR Lecturers/Instructors, click HERE. If you are unsure about his/her status, email senr@osu.edu before you contact him/her.
  4. Complete the online request form below at least one week before your scheduled lunch.
  5. You and your professor will be notified via email within one week.  We will let you know whether the lunch has been approved and, if approved, where to pick up your meal cards – one for your meal and one for the faculty member’s meal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where may I use the meal cards?

You may use the meal cards at any OSU dining facility that accepts meal cards.  Check out the University Dining Services website for locations and hours.

What do the meal cards cover?

Each meal card is good all day and contains two blocks, for a total of $10 per person.  There is no time restriction, so you can take your faculty member to breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Any expenses not covered by the meal card must be paid for by the student. 

May other students accompany me?

Yes, a student group of no more than three students total may invite a professor to lunch.  A student may participate in the program once per semester, regardless of whether they go alone or with a group.  All students in the group must meet the eligibility guidelines.  Please include the following information for each student attending on the request form: full name, SENR major,  and OSU email address (name.#@osu.edu). The student who completes the online application will be responsible for picking up the meal cards for all approved members of the group.

Still have questions?

Contact senr@osu.edu or 614-292-2265.

Online application:


Choose one
First and Last Name
If you have not confirmed a date, do not complete this form. Contact your professor and then reapply.
No more than 2 students may accompany you.
List first and last name, OSU email, and major of the student(s) accompanying you and the professor to lunch. Ex: Sally Smith (smith.1@osu.edu), NRM; Bob Smith (smith.2@osu.edu), FFW.
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