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Transfer Credit

Planning to take courses at another college/university:

If you are planning to take courses at another university you should first complete the following steps:

  • Consult to determine the correct equivalent course you should register for at the other college/university. This website shows you how courses taken elsewhere will transfer back to The Ohio State University. You can also use the 'OSU Quick Equivalencies' spreadsheet available on the Registrar's website (note that this is updated every 2 weeks). Evaluating course equivalencies is a critical step when considering taking a course at another college/university. You want to be sure you are completing the correct course.
  • If you are unable to find a direct equivalent on the transferology website for math and chemistry courses, you should contact the math and/or chemistry department here at The Ohio State University for clarification on whether the course you want to take will transfer back to The Ohio State University at the appropriate level.  You will need to provide a syllabus for them to review.  
  • Meet with your academic advisor if you have questions about how transfer credit may be applied to your program.
Transferring credit to Ohio State:

Completed course work must be transferred to Ohio State in order to apply it to your degree program. For instructions on how and where to send your transcript, please see the Transfer Credit webpage on the Registrar's website. There you can also find information on interpreting your transfer credit report and a list of the transfer credit coordinators in each department here at The Ohio State University.

Courses taken at an Ohio college/university are eligible to be transferred to The Ohio State University with a grade of D or better. For courses that are transferred in with a grade of D, they will appear on your record as KD credit. ENR allows KD credit to be used to fulfill curriculum requirements. (However, some departments may still require a grade of C- or better as a pre-requisite for going on to the next course in a sequence.)  Courses taken at non-Ohio college/university require a grade of C- or better in order to be transferred.

ENR credit that needs to be evaluated:

Courses that transfer to The Ohio State University as ENR general credit may need to be further reviewed and evaluated to determine if they can be assigned to a specific ENR course. The process to have these courses evaluated is fairly simple:

  • Complete an SENR Transfer Credit Evaluation Request form and submit it to our transfer credit evaluator, Renee Johnston, along with the following documents (Your credit cannot be evaluated without the proper materials!):
         - Your OSU Transfer Credit Report (available on Buckeye Link)
         - A copy of the original course syllabus from your previous institution. Please note that the syllabus must include a list of the topics and content covered in the course.
  • Once the evaluation is completed and if the course is determined to be equivalent to an ENR course, a university Transfer Credit Evaluation form will be sent to the Office of the University Registrar and the revised course credit will be posted to your academic record.

Please note that courses which fall outside the scope of ENR will need to be evaluated by their respective departments. Information on that process can be found here.

Applying transfer credit to your ENR curriculum

ENR students may request that courses taken at other institutions that was detemined to be Special or Technical credit be reviewed for use in meeting curriculum requirements for their major.  In order to determine if the credit can be applied you will need to meet with your academic advisor.