The Ohio State University is a world class research institution, and you have the opportunity to get involved.  Any student with a 3.0 GPA or higher may pursue an undergraduate research opportunity.  Research allows you to make a potential significant contribution to your field.  The Undergraduate Research Office outlines the benefits of research which are educational, personal and professional.  We encourage you to explore their website to learn more about the research process.

How do I get involved?
The Undergraduate Research Office will supply you with the information you need to get involved in research. For tips on how to contact a faculty member regarding research read The Do's and Don't list.

After you establish a research project and a faculty member,  submit a Research Distinction Proposal form to room 210 Kottman Hall.  The Research Distinction Proposal form is due two semesters before graduation.

Graduation requirements for Undergraduate Research Distinction

  • 3.0 cumulative grade point average
  • Submit a Research Distinction Proposal form to room 210 Kottman Hall (for ENR students).
  • 4 credit hours of ENR 4999 (note:  a maximum of 3 hours can be taken each semester)  The research credit may not be used to satisfy any other requirement in your program.
  • Accomplish one of the following:
    • Successful oral defense of research thesis
    • Participation in CFAES Research Forum and Denman Research Forum
    • Presentation at a regional, national, or international research conference (Faculty advisor must submit approval for conference presentation to the ENR Honors and Research Committee.)
  • Submit Research Distinction Verification form to home college (ENR students - deadline is last day of classes)
  • Submit research thesis to OSU Knowledge Bank.
    • For instructions on how to do this, click HERE.

Creating your poster:

Templates (48"x36"):

OARDC/Extension poster templates are found at the bottom of this page on the college's branding site.

Printing research posters and more:
Main campus staff can print their posters at the Student Union Uniprint (
Uniprint, as a whole, provides a number of printing options for posters, flyers, and other promotional materials. If you're looking to print a large number of materials, Uniprint is a great resource.  

Wooster campus can print at the following:
Murr Printing and Graphics,, 330-264-2223, 201 N Buckeye St., Wooster OH. Murr’s is the closest location to the campus.
Wooster Post Net,, 330-345-7447, 343 W. Milltown Rd., Wooster OH.
Staples, 330-345-4320, 3761 Burbank Rd., Wooster OH.