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Undergraduate Research Opportunity: Aquatic Ecology

Undergraduate Research Opportunity: Aquatic Ecology

Dr. Suzanne Gray is seeking two motivated and committed students to help the Gray Aquatic Physiological Ecology Lab ( with live fish care and maintenance. The Gray lab tries to understand how freshwater fish respond to human-induced environmental change. The lab is currently running several behavioral experiments in their aquatics lab with African cichlid fish that require intense monitoring and maintenance. This involves feeding and observing fish for normal behavior, cleaning aquaria and other equipment, monitoring water quality, and keeping accurate records of all activities in the fish lab. These tasks require the technicians to be okay with coming into contact with live fish and getting wet and possibly dirty – please consider if you are ok with these conditions before applying. These are volunteer positions that will provide the successful applicants with extensive lab and live fish experience. Students may also elect to receive research credit hours.

Successful applicants will be trained on the lab's specific fish care protocols; however, we would prefer to recruit students with prior live fish care experience. For example, have you successfully maintained a home aquarium for a number of years? Or interned at a fish hatchery? Or taken a course in aquaculture or fish ecology?

Interested students should email Ms. Tiffany Atkinson ( by November 11 and include a brief explanation (~2 paragraphs) of why you would like this position and also provide details of any fish care experience (e.g. type of fish, size and number of aquaria, years, training, etc.). Students should also include a resume, unofficial transcripts, and class schedule for Spring 2017.